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Rymellan 1: Disobedience Means Death
Rymellan 1: Disobedience Means Death
Rymellan 1: Disobedience Means Death
Ebook528 pages8 hours

Rymellan 1: Disobedience Means Death

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

On the planet Rymel, falling in love can be deadly.

Lesley and Mo live in a society that selects mates for its citizens and kills those who don't accept its choices. Deeply in love, the two women can't imagine being with anyone else, but their time together is running out. If they don't let each other go, they'll be executed.

The Rymellan Series is a social science fiction series about two lesbians who live in a totalitarian state.

Release dateJan 9, 2010
Rymellan 1: Disobedience Means Death

Sarah Ettritch

Sarah Ettritch writes science fiction, fantasy, and mystery stories featuring female main characters. She’s a certified story junkie who spends more time than she should making stuff up, reading, watching stories on Netflix, and pretending to be other people in role-playing games. Sarah lives in Toronto, Canada. To find out more about her, visit

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