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Australian Cookbook: Outback Bushtucker Cookbook
Australian Cookbook: Outback Bushtucker Cookbook
Australian Cookbook: Outback Bushtucker Cookbook
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Australian Cookbook: Outback Bushtucker Cookbook

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About this ebook

Australia’s native foods have faced a revival over the past twenty years. A new native food industry is built on a number of advantages that native foods are naturally adapted to Australia’s environment, they are ecologically sound, and they are more resistant to Australia’s temperatures and waterfall.
In addition to the botanical produce there is a wider availability of native Australian animal products on the market. It is not uncommon to find kangaroo meat in the aisles of the supermarket.
Many Australian restaurants have embracing home grown products serving emu, crocodile, yabbies and eels in addition to flavouring their dishes with bush tucker spices. In this cookbook you will find a great variety of Bushtucker recipes which incorporate the spices and animals of the outback. There are sauces, main dishes and deserts galore celebrating the Bushtucker spirit.

Release dateNov 5, 2012
Australian Cookbook: Outback Bushtucker Cookbook

Richard Eastwood

Richard Eastwood grew up on a ranch in the Australian Outback. His life has been dedicated to the land that surrounds him and the bushman lifestyle he enjoys so much.Richards publications are based on the cultures of Australia and New Zealand and how food, culture, craft and ancestry can all enrich our lives.

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