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Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment
Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment
Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment
Ebook47 pages26 minutes

Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment

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About this ebook

"Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment" offers a complete work search. This thoughtful step-by- step process for getting organized and getting the work we all need for satisfying, productive and happy lives.
In today's unpredictable , restructuring, economy, everyone runs the risk of unemployment. The one sure fire answer is to build our confidence and transform ourselves to keep pace with change.
This best seller covers how to put a day together, how to ask the most important question right from the start of any job search. By asking and answering these questions one will automatically cut down the time of being unemployed to becoming employed.
"Try!" is a practical and inspiration guide to unemployment. It will NOT teach you how to set up a resume or how to interview. What it will teach you is how to find out shat you want to do and what you want to be; how to survive some basic aspects of unemployment pitfalls, along with tips on how to set up your work search. The process is simple All you have to do is "Try!"
This book is a utilized resource nationally in Workforce Development programs, rapid response, career centers, Job Corps, and in military transition.
Release dateApr 26, 2013
Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment

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