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Treat Your Own Back
Treat Your Own Back
Treat Your Own Back
Audiobook2 hours

Treat Your Own Back

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About this audiobook

This patient handbook provides an easy-to-follow self-treatment plan to quickly and effectively diagnose, alleviate, treat and manage debilitating back and related pains, even for the long-term sufferer. First in the best-selling " Treat Your Own" Series, written by internationally-acclaimed Physiotherapist Robin Mckenzie OBE CNZM, this book distils the essence of the McKenzie method(R) of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy(R), as taught to medical and other health professionals globally, in an easily accessible format, direct to the sufferer. Now available for the first time in audio, the print version of this charmingly written handbook has been translated into 18 languages and has sold millions of copies worldwide. Numerous international studies have confirmed that the McKenzie Method(R) and the advice contained within 'Treat Your Own Back' allows patients to take control of the own pain and postural management, cure sciatica amongst other complaints, avoid surgery and unnecessary dependence on pharmaceuticals and/or clinicians - thereby reflecting Robin McKenzie's selfless determination to put the patient first and empower self-care.
"If it possible to teach a patient to treat themselves, every patient is deserving of that education and every clinician is obliged to provide it" - Robin McKenzie OBE CNZM
If you would like to know more about Robin McKenzie or the McKenzie Method(R), please refer to the website:
Release dateMay 10, 2020
Treat Your Own Back

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