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Forbidden Mate: Shifter World
Forbidden Mate: Shifter World
Forbidden Mate: Shifter World
Audiobook8 hours

Forbidden Mate: Shifter World

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

This audiobook is narrated by a digital voice.

My destined mate is ruthless and feared. He also bakes cookies. Delicious chocolate chip cookies. And I’ve accidentally ordered his death.

There are no women on the Shifter Council. I’ve vowed to be the first.

Pinning a murder on the most hated male, so I could take his spot, was the perfect plan. Until I learned Anton Alexander is my fated mate.

Yes, I feel guilty and regretful and I’m going to fix this. Maybe. Hopefully.

But Anton believes in revenge. And his version is sweet torture. He's promised to walk away with my heart in payment for my sins. And now I have to convince the Royal shifter I tried to destroy to keep my body and soul too.


This is a “full-grown-up” paranormal romance. No doors are closed in this book. Nothing is held back.

BUT if want to read a tamer version of this novel, a closed-door version (also called a clean or fade-to-black or kisses only romance) is available as Anton by Dana Archer, the discreet pen name of Nancy Corrigan.

Release dateFeb 12, 2024
Forbidden Mate: Shifter World

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