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The 39 Cupcakes
The 39 Cupcakes
The 39 Cupcakes
Audiobook8 hours

The 39 Cupcakes

Written by Zara Keane

Narrated by Caroline Lennon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Police Sergeant Reynolds sighed. “Of course he was murdered, Maggie. You’re in the vicinity.”

“A low blow,” I said indignantly. “Before today, I hadn’t found a dead body in six weeks. And this is just a head.”

Ex-cop-turned-P.I. Maggie Doyle is stuck chaperoning a group of bratty summer camp kids on an archaeological dig on Whisper Island. After a day of fart jokes, fidget spinners, and fistfights, Maggie's regretting volunteering—and then one of her feral charges unearths a skeleton.

At first, it looks like a cold case, but the situation takes a sinister turn when a member of the excavation team winds up dead. Maggie is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery before more bodies stack up. With her police officer boyfriend on vacation, his nitwitted fellow officer Sergeant O’Shea is left to maintain law and order on the island. Can Maggie dodge the bumbling Sergeant, solve the case and escape these hellion children?

Grab a copy and find out today!

Release dateAug 28, 2021
The 39 Cupcakes

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