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Growing a Wise Heart
Growing a Wise Heart
Growing a Wise Heart
Audiobook8 hours

Growing a Wise Heart

Written by BarBara J. Mandley

Narrated by Nila B. Hagood

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Growing up is hard. Crises and emotional trauma can stall emotional growth, but with help you can start growing again.

Stacie Le Hargrove needs a new beginning. The family court judge has just ordered her children removed from her care. She’s still reeling from all her losses. She can’t see her kids, she has no place to live, and she really needs help escaping the alcohol and drug problems that led her to this point. Devastated and unsure where to turn, she hopes Sophia’s Home will be a refuge that provides her with the assistance she needs to make life bearable. 

Read Stacie Le’s diary, a self-help book in story form. Follow her as she attempts to obey the judge’s command to straighten out her life. Be with her when she discovers that God can turn traumas and nightmares around, using them in unexpected ways. What once seemed like the worst event of her life becomes the best thing that ever happened to her.

Release dateJun 8, 2021
Growing a Wise Heart

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