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The Cyclops Conspiracy: A Jason Rodgers Novel
The Cyclops Conspiracy: A Jason Rodgers Novel
The Cyclops Conspiracy: A Jason Rodgers Novel
Audiobook14 hours

The Cyclops Conspiracy: A Jason Rodgers Novel

Written by David Perry

Narrated by Stephen Bel Davies

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

In this engaging thriller, David Perry demonstrates his skill as a master storyteller taking us behind the counter into the world of pharmacy. The Cyclops Conspiracy accelerates through tense terrain toward an incredible finish. As the story opens, pharmacist Jason Rodgers stands nose to nose with his tortured past following the untimely death of his mentor, Thomas Pettigrew. He is reunited with his former lover and Pettigrew's daughter, Christine. Troubled by the way Pettigrew died and Christine's unsettling statements about her father, Rodgers pushes to know more. Their reunion initiates a cascade of apparently unrelated but fateful turn of events for Rodgers - an incredible job offer working for a mysterious millionaire, the lustful pursuits of a sexy physician, and the criminal activities of a corrupt pharmacist. With the clock ticking down to a nail-biting climax, he races to stop a plot and expose the conspirators before he becomes their next victim - and before American history is irrevocably altered.

Release dateJan 2, 2017

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