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A Hero to Hold
A Hero to Hold
A Hero to Hold
Audiobook12 hours

A Hero to Hold

Written by Sheri Humphreys

Narrated by Stacey Holmes

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

After enduring her unfaithful husband’s murder and the destruction of her reputation, Viscountess Charlotte Haliday resolves to return to society, the gossip-mongers, and her disapproving father. She’ll be content with her true friends and her charitable work.

She doesn’t expect to be working with a man like David Scott: a hero soon to be awarded the Victoria Cross, broken physically yet still the most exhilarating and intimidating man she’s ever known. From the moment they meet in a shadowy alcove, he awakens a passion she’s never before felt. She in turn shows him life did not end on the battlefield…and he needn’t be alone.

A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2016!

Editor's Note

Unusual Regency...

A disgraced widow chooses to stay out of society’s view, instead devoting herself to good works. In the course of that, she meets a disabled war hero, whose quiet intelligence and compassion awaken her interest — and whose touch reminds her of what she’s never had. Their love affair is passionate, intense, and poignant, as is the writing. Both the hero and heroine are off the beaten path from the usual Regency romance.

Release dateAug 24, 2021

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