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Good Fences
Good Fences
Good Fences
Audiobook1 hour

Good Fences

Written by Ken Bissell

Narrated by Nathaniel Black

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Ten tenants were home the night Greg Janus died in the courtyard of their suburban apartment building. Together, these neighbors could piece together the mystery of his murder and figure out why he came to them that night — if they're willing to talk.

Release dateApr 15, 2020
Good Fences

Ken Bissell

Ken Bissell is a hard-bitten detective who calls everyone “kid” and chain-smokes cigars. His eyes are constantly lit as if by sunlight peeking through a window shade. He has a bachelor’s degree in Pithiness from the School of Hard Knocks and a mean left hook you really gotta watch out for. At night, he enjoys eating macaroni and cheese.

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