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Emergency: A Bimbo Transformation Story
Emergency: A Bimbo Transformation Story
Emergency: A Bimbo Transformation Story
Ebook45 pages29 minutes

Emergency: A Bimbo Transformation Story

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About this ebook

The Bimbo Ward is hitting the road. Seeing the need for mobile bimbofication services, a special kind of ambulance is used, staffed with bimbo EMTs, ready to treat any wound or malady, with an included bimbo transformation.

Chloe is in the big city with her husband, Blaine, for their wedding anniversary. But when Chloe trips and sprains her ankle on the way to a restaurant, it seems like all might be lost. But then the bimbos of B Ambulance Serves show up. They not only fix Chloe’s sprained ankle, they bimbofy her as well.

What kind of bimbo will Chloe become? Will she and Blaine make it to dinner on time? What will happen afterward? Find out in Emergency.

This short story is 7,100 words long. It is the first book in the Mobile Bimbo Series.

Release dateJan 30, 2023
Emergency: A Bimbo Transformation Story

Sadie Thatcher

Sadie Thatcher grew up in a small conservative town (think Footloose). Spending all that time in a sexually repressed place has led Sadie to need to explore her sexuality through prose. Sadie has been a long time writer, but has now become confident enough to share the explorations of her deepest and darkest sexual fantasies. Enjoy.

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