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The Prisoner in the Caucassus
The Prisoner in the Caucassus
The Prisoner in the Caucassus
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The Prisoner in the Caucassus

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"He tried to rise, but two ill-savoured Tartars were already sitting on him and binding his hands behind his back."Two Russian soldier are kidnapped by their rivals while serving in the Caucasus. One is resourceful and optimistic and spends his time in captivity looking for a way to escape; the other is pessimistic and lazy and only complains. One day, they try to escape.The Prisoner in The Caucasus is based on a real incident from Tolstoy's soldier days. It is about the power of military brotherhood and being of use to your enemy. Tolstoy helps the reader see the human side in every character and underlines all the things people have in common across enemy lines.-
PublisherSAGA Egmont
Release dateOct 5, 2020
The Prisoner in the Caucassus

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy grew up in Russia, raised by a elderly aunt and educated by French tutors while studying at Kazen University before giving up on his education and volunteering for military duty. When writing his greatest works, War and Peace and Anna Karenina, Tolstoy drew upon his diaries for material. At eighty-two, while away from home, he suffered from declining health and died in Astapovo, Riazan in 1910.

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