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Yantriel’s Privy
Yantriel’s Privy
Yantriel’s Privy
Ebook30 pages21 minutes

Yantriel’s Privy

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About this ebook

Yantriel lives on a small pig farm, grieving the loss of his wife, trying to make a good life for his two daughters.

Then, on a midsummer day, an endless mass of frogs begins to ooze out of Yantriel’s outhouse.

Not just ordinary frogs. These frogs know things.

Now the frogs set their sights on the only thing Yantriel ever cared about...

His family.

A creepy fantasy short story from Dale Hartley Emery.

Release dateMay 10, 2014
Yantriel’s Privy
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Dale Hartley Emery

Dale Hartley Emery writes fiction in a variety of genres, including fantasy, crime fiction, and mainstream fiction. His stories include Inventory, Marmalade, and The Donation. Dale has worked as a failed shoemaker, reluctant dairy farmer, and ruthless ice cream man. For several years he monitored the nuclear test ban treaty, making sure those pesky commies didn't blow up the planet. (They didn't.) When he isn't writing, Dale advises software teams and leaders about how to play nice together. Colleagues in Dale's industry once created a special award for him for being reasonable. Dale lives in California with his wife.

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