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Hindsight The Foresight Saga
Hindsight The Foresight Saga
Hindsight The Foresight Saga
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Hindsight The Foresight Saga

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About this ebook

There is something new in the financial planning world and it is explored to the point that the reader can exploit it in “Hindsight – The Foresight Saga.” Little has been written about the property market and its relationship with the equity markets or the coincidental relationship that that investment relationship has on bankers.

This book is aimed at the private investor but also the professional investment manager because it highlights the mechanism that provides for an almost continuous steady flow of positive returns on invested capital and regular savings.

The author is a well experienced, highly qualified strategic financial planner and the language used in the book is straightforward and down to earth. The classic market™ is identified as a circa fifteen year cycle of at one point inversely correlated market movements that works in direct contrast to a later phase in the classic market TM where property and equity movements are highly correlated in a downward slide. The first having an extremely positive effect on banking and the second, a devastating effect that contributed to bank collapses similar to those in 1979, 1992 and 2008.
PublisherM-Y Books
Release dateOct 13, 2009
Hindsight The Foresight Saga

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