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Simply Beautiful
Simply Beautiful
Simply Beautiful
Audiobook5 hours

Simply Beautiful

Written by P. O. Dixon

Narrated by Catherine Bilson

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

In a fascinating tale of long-lost family ties, Miss Elizabeth Bennet finds herself face-to-face with her father after years of separation. The reunion sparks a whirlwind of conflicting sentiments as Elizabeth grapples with the daunting task of reconciling her past with her present. The challenges ahead loom large, requiring her to summon every ounce of strength and resilience she possesses.

Amid the tangled web of complicated family dynamics, one person remains steadfast by Elizabeth's side—Mr. Darcy. Their bond, forged through their shared upbringing at the illustrious Pemberley estate, is an open secret. Yet, as their connection deepens, doubts begin to emerge, and whispers of criticism surface. Some question the boundaries of their relationship, pondering if their closeness defies the conventions of propriety.

While Elizabeth courageously navigates the maze of familial obligations, she finds herself at a crucial crossroads. Will Mr. Darcy, her devoted companion, stand resolutely beside her as they face the trials ahead? Or will the winds of change and the manipulations of others conspire to tear them apart?

Release dateApr 6, 2024

P. O. Dixon

Bestselling historical fiction author, P. O. Dixon, is a great admirer of Historical England and its fascinating days of yore. She, in particular, loves the Regency period with its strict mores and oh so proper decorum. Her ardent appreciation of Jane Austen's timeless works set her on the writer's journey. Visit and find out more about Dixon's writings.

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