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Stone Soup
Stone Soup
Stone Soup
Audiobook10 minutes

Stone Soup

Written by Marcia Brown

Narrated by Marcia Brown

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Three clever soldiers devise a plan to get food and lodging from the selfish inhabitants of a French village during the time of Napoleon.
PublisherWeston Woods
Release dateJan 1, 1983
Stone Soup

Marcia Brown

I Marcia Brown was born and raised in Washington County Indiana. I am a certified adult peer support specialist to help recovery addicts and I also have a bachelor’s degree from International School of Ministry. I have two children, daughter and a son living and have a lot of trauma from me being in addiction. I lived with addiction for 32 years. I seek the Lord with all my heart and the word of God has set me free from addiction. When God called me out of darkness to light I now help others who are currently suffering from addiction as I have. God has revealed my purpose in life for him and also it keeps me grounded in my recovery and when I share my strength and hope with other recovering addicts are being successful with what I share.

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