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A Flip Of The Coin
A Flip Of The Coin
A Flip Of The Coin
Audiobook3 hours

A Flip Of The Coin

Written by Rori Bleu and Rosie Chapel

Narrated by Rosi Chapel

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

What happens in Helheim never stays in Helheim.Sela Helsdatter wishes it would. Punished for allowing her quest for power to rule her actions, she has endured eons of torment.

The flip of a coin seems to offer some hope of redemption but, tasked with ridding the world of her erstwhile captor and lover, escape does not mean freedom.No problem for a warrior queen? right? Wrong! Sela is no longer in ninth century Norðvegr, but twenty-first century New York with all its challenges, and where slightest misstep could spell her doom.

Aided by the most unlikely hero, Sela scours the city for her adversary, who delights in taunting her, determined to drag her back to Hell. Will she prevail, or will A Flip of the Coin catapult her back to the abyss?

Release dateJun 30, 2023
A Flip Of The Coin

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