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Lady of the Two Lands: The Amarna Age #5
Lady of the Two Lands: The Amarna Age #5
Lady of the Two Lands: The Amarna Age #5
Audiobook8 hours

Lady of the Two Lands: The Amarna Age #5

Written by Kylie Quillinan

Narrated by Catherine Bilson

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Ankhesenamun finally has the Eye of Horus although she has given up almost everything to secure it. She returns to Egypt to reclaim her throne and restore a more humane monarchy. 

But she underestimates the power of the Eye. It won’t be content with a queen. 

The Eye wants more.

It wants everything.

The only thing Ankhesenamun has left to give is herself.

Blending history and fantasy, The Amarna Age series is set in 18th Dynasty Egypt where the old gods have been worshipped for thousands of years and magic is a matter of belief. For readers of historical fantasy who enjoy magical realism and an ancient world setting.

Release dateMar 10, 2022

Kylie Quillinan

Kylie writes about women who defy society’s expectations. Her novels are for readers who like fantasy with a basis in history or mythology. Her interests include Dr Who, jellyfish and cocktails. She needs to get fit before the zombies come. You can find her online at Swan – the epilogue to the Tales of Silver Downs series – is available exclusively to her mailing list subscribers. Sign up at

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