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Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry
Audiobook8 hours

Dirty Laundry

Written by Holley Trent

Narrated by Avery Caris

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Carine Bennett has become so pragmatic about dating that she’ll settle for anyone who can make her feel something beyond mere sufferance.

She may be bleakly self-deprecating in her half-serious request for her longtime fetish club peer to have her way with her, but Heidi Dowd doesn’t think there’s anything funny about the suggestion. Although Heidi had vowed to never again be intimate with women who made her their “exception,” she’s willing to put Carine through her paces.

Heidi is confident she can approach their arrangement with professional detachment. However, she soon learns that Carine has more than just an adventurous spirit. She has audacity. And when she insists that Heidi elevate their status beyond the bedroom, Heidi’s immediate instinct is to break things off.

Carine insists that she’s not afraid for everyone to know who she loves, but Heidi’s been around the block too many times. She’s not going to get her hopes up again. Not even dominatrices are immune to getting broken hearts.

Editor's Note


Trent’s “Dirty Laundry” confronts the “Gay for You” trope, as well as relationship issues relating to trust and power. The two heroines know their respective places in the bedroom — one is a Dom, the other a sub — but beyond that dynamic, they struggle. It’s messy and complicated, and thus a compelling read.

Release dateJan 24, 2023

Holley Trent

Holley Trent is an award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance. She writes stories filled with dark humor, and characters and situations that are just as complicated and unpredictable as real life. Although she earned an English literature degree by studying the classics, the appeal of satisfying and emotionally fulfilling conclusions guided her toward the romance genre. She resides on the Colorado Front Range with her family.

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