Los Angeles Times2 min read
LeBron James Masterclass Lifts Lakers Into NBA In-season Tournament Final
LAS VEGAS — LeBron James had just gotten knocked to the floor by Zion Williamson, New Orleans’ door-frame shaped power forward, when the refs blew the whistle and signaled for a first-quarter charge. James sprang to his feet and sprinted — like, real
Los Angeles Times5 min read
Why This Group Of Hikers Hauls Heavy, Framed Paintings 2½ Miles Up Griffith Park
LOS ANGELES — On a recent Sunday afternoon, L.A. gallerist Lauren Powell and about 30 others trekked up a steep, sinuous Griffith Park trail. The group hauled enormous framed paintings 2½ miles to the top of the hill. Nearly everyone was dressed in p
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Appreciation: Seeing People Like Me On TV Led To My Career. I Have Norman Lear To Thank
LOS ANGELES — I wasn’t always a 29-year-old pop culture hound. In fact, I went from a 10-year-old movie nerd to, later, a 20-something TV obsessive. Watching films and television shows has always been a part of my life — some of my fondest memories a
Los Angeles Times2 min read
Kenny Chesney Sends Love To Taylor Swift After Time Interview Shout-out
Country singer Kenny Chesney has nothing but love for Time magazine's 2023 Person of the Year, Taylor Swift. The "When the Sun Goes Down" artist shared a sweet message for Swift after she gave him a shout-out in her interview for the annual honor. "T
Los Angeles Times6 min read
Nine Months After Scandal, Publishers Are Still Sorting Out A Plagiarism Mess
This week, Simon & Schuster finally published "The Book of Animal Secrets: Nature's Lessons for a Long and Happy Life," the highly anticipated book by USC's Dr. David Agus whose release was suspended after the manuscript was found to contain numerous
Los Angeles Times13 min read
The Best TV Shows Of 2023
The television critics for the Los Angeles Times, Lorraine Ali and Robert Lloyd, weigh in on the series they enjoyed the most in 2023, including some that ended, some that were new and some that were international, but all worth watching. Remember ea
Los Angeles Times6 min read
How The Lavish Hotel In ‘Murder At The End Of The World’ Evolves Into A Futuristic Fortress
“A Murder at the End of the World” is a complexly constructed series, hopping between two timelines and uncovering several mysteries. Its sets, by production designer Alex DiGerlando, were equally complicated. The FX on Hulu series follows author, ha
Los Angeles Times10 min read
California Forces Migrant Farmworker Students To Move Every Year. ‘We Need To Survive’
LODI, Calif. — The Harney Lane Migrant Housing Center in Lodi hasn’t changed much since Lorena Perez Guzman arrived in 1998. Most afternoons, work pants still hang on the clothes lines, dusty boots rest on doormats and children playfully run across t
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Commentary: California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Rising — And We’re Not Even Counting Them All
California has committed to substantially reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2045. The pledge is key to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s claims of climate leadership, which featured prominently in his recent visits to China and
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Q&A: ‘How The Gringo Stole Christmas’ Brings A Classic Movie Trope To East LA
What is Christmas without a little bit of family drama? A new twist on meeting your partner’s family has arrived this holiday season in “How the Gringo Stole Christmas,” directed by Angel Gracia and starring George Lopez. The holiday comedy, which wa
Los Angeles Times6 min read
The Best Movies Of 2023 — And Where To Find Them
There's nothing like watching a movie with an audience — and, as I realized a few months ago, there's nothing like watching an audience watch a movie. It was in October during the 61st New York Film Festival and, as one of the event's part-time progr
Los Angeles Times3 min read
The 2024 Pantone Color Of The Year Is One 'You Want To Reach Out And Touch'
After a year of hardship — shootings, war and uncertainty regarding artificial intelligence — the Pantone Color Institute has announced that Peach Fuzz, a warm and fuzzy hue between pink and orange, is the Color of the Year for 2024. Looking back at
Los Angeles Times5 min readCrime & Violence
How An LA Marriage Fraud Scheme Helped Over 300 People Obtain Green Cards
It was a midsummer day in 2021 when Engilbert Ulan met with a newlywed couple in Los Angeles to help them prepare for questions they expected to face from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The husband, a 53-year-old foreign national
Los Angeles Times2 min readAmerican Government
Editorial: No Evidence For Biden Impeachment Inquiry? No Problem. The House GOP Doesn’t Seem To Care
The politically inspired impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden has failed to produce any convincing evidence that Biden has committed the “high crimes and misdemeanors” required by the U.S. Constitution for the conviction and removal of a chie
Los Angeles Times3 min read
The 20 Best Albums Of 2023
As the lines between private and public spaces became ever blurrier, the music of 2023 pondered the meaning of self — who creates it, who defines it, who controls the rights to manipulate it. Here are our 20 favorite albums of 2023, in descending ord
Los Angeles Times4 min readAmerican Government
Mark Z. Barabak: In Two Decades, Much Of The West Has Turned Blue. Why Hasn't Texas?
Over the last 20 years, the West has politically transformed. The onetime Republican stronghold has become a Democratic bastion, dramatically reshaping the fight for the White House as Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon joined California and Washington
Los Angeles Times11 min readAmerican Government
Kevin McCarthy Uses PAC To Lavish Cash On High-end Resorts, Private Jets And Fine Dining
LOS ANGELES — Rambling above the rust-colored cliffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the Terranea Resort is known for its ocean views, world-ranked spa and villas that can command $3,000 a night or more. The property is less well known as a gathering
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Commentary: Archie Bunker Couldn't Exist Today. That's Why We Need Him More Than Ever
"Archie Bunker couldn't exist today." It's a refrain that's landed in my inbox more than once since the death of "All in the Family" creator Norman Lear on Tuesday. The indelible character at the center of his half-hour comedy was most certainly the
Los Angeles Times6 min read
'Coolio-style Hair': LAPD Union Official's Column Sparks Backlash And Debate
Hours into a standoff with a barricaded suspect in northeast Los Angeles earlier this year, a Black officer said he was cornered by a white lieutenant who berated him for sporting a beard that was longer than permitted by LAPD regulations. "This depa
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Steve Lopez: The Legendary Norman Lear Had Some Sage Advice For All Of Us About Aging Well
Norman Lear popped up on my computer screen at the designated time, wearing his signature bucket hat. I'd waited weeks for the interview and knew I had to think fast, because Lear was busy — as always — juggling projects. That was the point of the in
Los Angeles Times6 min read
Michael Hiltzik: The War On 'Junk Fees' Is Gaining Ground, But The Fight Is Not Yet Won
"I talk to a lot of of banks," Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Pennsylvania, told Rohit Chopra, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, "and they're really not happy with your agency." He urged Chopra to "be responsive to the clientele you're suppos
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Dylan Hernández: A 'More Aware' Sean McVay Is Helping Rams Exceed Expectations This Season
LOS ANGELES — Shortly after his midweek news conference, I reminded Sean McVay that the over/under for Rams wins in Las Vegas sportsbooks before the season was just 6 1/2. I was certain the Rams would fall short of that — way short, actually — and no
Los Angeles Times3 min readIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Here's How Many Jobs LA Lost During The Hollywood Strikes
Entertainment employment in the greater Los Angeles area took a big hit during the writers' and actors' strikes, according to a study released Thursday by the Otis College of Art and Design in conjunction with Westwood Economics and Planning Associa
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Intruders 'Weaseled' Through Walls And Shattered Doors To Break Into SoCal Businesses
Multiple Juice It Up! locations across San Bernardino County were reportedly broken into last weekend, the latest in a monthlong string of incidents targeting the smoothie franchise. Recent intruders have smashed glass doors or even torn through wall
Los Angeles Times1 min readCrime & Violence
Hunter Biden Charged With Tax Crimes In LA
LOS ANGELES — Hunter Biden, the president’s son, was indicted Thursday in Los Angeles on several federal tax charges, marking the start of a second criminal case that will proceed during his father’s reelection campaign. Biden, who resides in Malibu,
Los Angeles Times3 min read
LeBron James Calls Out Gun Laws After UNLV Mass Shooting Kills 3 Near Venue Of Lakers' Next Game
LOS ANGELES — LeBron James' tone was passionate, yet weary. Another shooting, this time in Las Vegas, more innocent people dead, and the Lakers superstar seemed to recognize that his plea for gun control sounds like a broken record. "It just goes bac
Los Angeles Times5 min read
Steve Lopez: The Five Keys To A Long And Healthy Life? Check Out This 'Blue Zone' Community
In Loma Linda, California, the other day, 85-year-old Loida Medina played a couple of hours of take-no-prisoners pickleball (she's got a wicked backhand), while Glenn and Jodee Nichols, 94 and 78, went to the gym for a workout. These sorts of activit
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Review: If You Loved 'Monk,' Peacock's New Movie Is A Welcome Return
Tony Shalhoub, whose credits are many and range wide, has taken his Adrian Monk (brown) suit out of mothballs after 14 years for "Mr. Monk's Last Case: A Monk Movie," premiering Friday on Peacock. For those new to the story, told across eight seasons
Los Angeles Times13 min read
Amy Kaufman: After A Political Reckoning, Sarah Silverman Tries To Find Her Comedic Voice Again
In the days following the Oct. 7 attack in Israel, Sarah Silverman posted on Instagram dozens of times. Like millions around the world, she was devastated by the reports of more than 1,300 civilians killed by Hamas militants, and took to social media
Los Angeles Times4 min readIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Five Big Takeaways From Sam Altman's Conversation With Trevor Noah
When Sam Altman was abruptly fired last month as CEO of artificial intelligence powerhouse OpenAI, the rupture left him with a lot of thinking to do. But looking back on the experience, Altman told comedian Trevor Noah in a video podcast released Thu
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