Los Angeles Times5 min read
Southern California Has A New Record Pressing Plant. Can It Meet Swiftie-sized Demand?
LOS ANGELES — The extruder melted thousands of tiny black pellets into a viscous goo. A hissing, linebacker-sized machine, one of 12 just like it in this Oxnard warehouse, shaped it into a puck-sized "biscuit" of plastic. A press stamped it into a th
Los Angeles Times3 min readInternational Relations
Commentary: World Community Needs To Put 2-state Facts On The Ground And Give Palestinians Hope
Seven months into the man-made disaster in Gaza, very little is being done to deal with the sense of helplessness and fury that Palestinians are feeling. International efforts to end the war in Gaza, and to ensure a hostage-prisoner exchange, continu
Los Angeles Times4 min readAmerican Government
Commentary: Trump’s Hush Money Trial Will Go To The Jury Soon. What’s The Most Likely Verdict?
After 20 days, 22 witnesses and intermittent courtroom fireworks, the evidence in Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial is all in. The case will soon be in the hands of the jury. Who holds the advantage at this critical juncture? My assessment, af
Los Angeles Times4 min read
California Dreams End In Nightmare For Woman Charged In Violent Wrong-way 405 Freeway Crash
LOS ANGELES — Like countless others before her, Lisa Ann Heflin of Oakview, Mo., headed to Los Angeles earlier this year chasing a dream of fame and fortune. What she found instead was notoriety. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office has
Los Angeles Times7 min read
Migrants From Around The World Have Made This Stretch Of California The Top Place To Enter The US Illegally
DULZURA, Calif. — At dawn came a dozen men, women and children from Nepal. Following in the twilight was a cluster of families from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, along with half a dozen Chinese men. Behind them were men from India and couples from Azer
Los Angeles Times4 min read
George Skelton: News Business Needs Help In California. Is Government The Answer?
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Newspapers are dying. That’s old news. What’s new is that in California, they may get some state government life support. There’s state legislation brewing that would force the largest internet platforms — like Google — to kick
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Illegal Hostels Are Popping Up In LA Neighborhoods, To Some Residents’ Ire
In a mostly quiet neighborhood of older homes and small apartment buildings, some residents have drawn their own no-go zones around what might sound like a crash pad for traveling backpackers: hostels. At least two of them have popped up on West View
Los Angeles Times3 min readCrime & Violence
New Mexico Man Charged With Trying To Burn Down A San Bernardino County Preschool, Strip Mall
A 36-year-old man was charged this week with trying to set fire to a San Bernardino County church preschool and a strip mall on the same day. Jonathan Barajas Nava, from Albuquerque, was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury in the Central Distr
Los Angeles Times4 min readCrime & Violence
Robin Abcarian: This Is What It Took To Expose Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Abuse Of His Girlfriend
Thank God for hotel security cameras. Last week, CNN obtained and broadcast footage of music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs brutally assaulting a young woman in the hallway of a posh Los Angeles hotel in 2016. As the video begins, a barefoot young woman is
Los Angeles Times2 min readCrime & Violence
4 Arrested In California Believed To Be Part Of 'Burglary Tourism' Ring
LOS ANGELES — Glendale police arrested a group of Colombian nationals this week who are suspected of being part of a South American "burglary tourism" ring operating in Los Angeles County. The four men were pulled over during a traffic stop Monday e
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Women And People Of Color Drive Ratings For Streaming Films, UCLA Diversity Report Finds
LOS ANGELES — Amid today's heated streaming wars, it appears diversity is the secret weapon. Women and people of color played a pivotal role in driving ratings for streaming films in 2023, even as they continued to face relatively limited opportuniti
Los Angeles Times8 min read
How Laci Kaye Booth Survived Nashville To Make A Killer Country Album
LOS ANGELES — Laci Kaye Booth clearly recalls the career path she'd envisioned in her head. After finishing in fourth place on "American Idol" in 2019, the smoky-voiced country singer from small-town Texas promptly moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to p
Los Angeles Times7 min read
The Scandal That Brought Down Donald Sterling Finally Gets The Hollywood Treatment
LOS ANGELES — Armed with a winning record, several top players and high hopes, the Los Angeles Clippers romped into the NBA playoffs for the fourth time in five seasons this year, but the end result was the same as ever: Plagued by injuries, the Clip
Los Angeles Times5 min readWorld
Is Zionism Patriotism Or Racism? Big Disagreements Over A Word In Use For 125 Years
In the many debates over language surrounding the war in Gaza, few words are as controversial as "Zionism." Its original, most basic definition is Jewish nationalism. For many, that equates to the right of the Jewish people to have their own state an
Los Angeles Times8 min read
Shari Redstone Was Poised To Make Paramount A Hollywood Comeback Story. What Happened?
It was supposed to be a blockbuster Hollywood comeback: Shari Redstone, who had long struggled to prove herself, was determined to orchestrate a dramatic turnaround of her family’s lagging entertainment company, Paramount Global. “We are on the ascen
Los Angeles Times5 min read
California Could Boot Thousands Of Immigrants From Program That Aids The Elderly And Disabled
In Bell Gardens, Raquel Martinez said she has relied for nearly three years on a program that pays an assistant to help her make it safely to her frequent appointments at the MLK Medical Campus. Martinez, 65, is blind and has cancer. If she did not h
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Reba McEntire's Pick Asher HaVon Wins 'The Voice' As 3 Coaches Take Their Final Bows
LOS ANGELES — Asher HaVon won "The Voice" on Tuesday as three of the reality show's four coaches also prepared to take their final bows. The 31-year-old soul and R&B singer from Selma, Alabama, was moved to tears when his victory was announced during
Los Angeles Times8 min read
A UCLA Doctor Is On A Quest To Free Modern Medicine From A Nazi-tainted Anatomy Book
LOS ANGELES — As Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar pondered how to fix the human heart, he was given a gift laced with horror. Shivkumar, a cardiac electrophysiologist known as "Shiv" to friends and co-workers at UCLA, was trying to better understand the intric
Los Angeles Times3 min readCrime & Violence
Cassie Says Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Violence 'Broke Me Down' After Assault Video Surfaces
LOS ANGELES — For Casandra "Cassie" Ventura, who sued ex-boyfriend and embattled music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs for alleged assault and abuse, "it takes a lot of heart to tell the truth out of a situation that you were powerless in." The 37-year-old
Los Angeles Times2 min readInternational Relations
Editorial: Israeli And Palestinian Leaders Once Shared A Peace Prize. Now They May Share War Crimes Charges
It is somehow fitting that the International Criminal Court prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants against leaders of both Hamas and Israel in connection with mass slaughters carried out since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack and Israel’s response. ICC Prosecu
Los Angeles Times1 min readCrime & Violence
Kathryn Dennis Of 'Southern Charm' Charged With DUI After A 3-vehicle Collision
Former "Southern Charm" cast member Kathryn Dennis faces a DUI charge after allegedly causing a three-vehicle collision in Goose Creek, South Carolina. The former reality television star has been released after being arrested and held at the Berkeley
Los Angeles Times2 min readAmerican Government
Supreme Court OKs Shift Of Black Voters To Shore Up GOP Congressional District
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a state's mapmakers may shift tens of thousands of Black voters to a different district if they were seeking to shore up a partisan advantage for a Republican candidate. In a 6-3 decision, the justic
Los Angeles Times2 min read
Solar Eclipses Are So Last Month. Get Ready For A 'Planetary Parade'
LOS ANGELES — First came a rare solar eclipse, followed by the northern lights, fueled by a solar storm. The next celestial phenomenon will come next month, when skygazers can look forward to an alignment known as a "planetary parade." The parade wi
Los Angeles Times1 min read
DOJ Sues Live Nation To Break Up Alleged Ticketmaster Monopoly
The Justice Department on Thursday announced it has filed a suit against Ticketmaster’s L.A.-based parent company Live Nation Entertainment, seeking to break up the company over allegations that it created an illegal monopoly over the live entertainm
Los Angeles Times2 min read
'Masked Singer' Winner Reveals Whether They Will Resume 'Musical' — That Was A Clue — Career
Sixteen contestants went down to one Wednesday night when the "Masked Singer" crowned Goldfish the winner. Underneath the mask was Disney darling, Coachella queen and Broadway beauty Vanessa Hudgens, who was champion of Season 11 of the reality TV co
Los Angeles Times7 min read
New York’s Studio Building Boom Poses Threat To LA’s Hollywood Production
NEW YORK — Pat Swinney Kaufman may have enough ceremonial shovels in her office to start her own small construction firm. As commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, based above the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan
Los Angeles Times5 min read
Are 'Deaths Of Despair' Really More Common For White Americans? A UCLA Report Says No
LOS ANGELES — Nakeya Fields has seen how the stresses that come with being Black — racial injustice, financial strain, social isolation — can leave people feeling hopeless and push some into substance abuse. It's one of the reasons the Pasadena socia
Los Angeles Times5 min readIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Commentary: Wait Times Go Down. Patient Satisfaction Goes Up. What’s The Matter With Letting Apps And AI Run The ER?
My resident describes our next emergency room patient — a 32-year-old female with severe, crampy mid-abdominal pain, vomiting and occasional loose stools. The symptoms have been present for nearly a week, and there is tenderness to both sides of the
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Listless Dodgers Lose To The Diamondbacks Again
Leadoff man Corbin Carroll driving balls into the gap and racing around the bases. Slugger Christian Walker crushing home runs into the left-field seats. Second baseman Ketel Marte delivering big hits and starting rally-killing double plays. A no-nam
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Justin Hartley Procedural 'Tracker' Hunts Down Ratings Success For CBS
In the age before streaming, there was no better prize for new series than to premiere after the Super Bowl. Over the years, networks have used the powerful audience lead-in of the premier NFL event's 100 million-plus viewers to provide sampling for
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