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Active Missing Persons Cases By State
OKLAHOMA HAS THE LARGEST percentage of missing people in America, with Arizona, Oregon, Louisiana and Arkansas also above average, the latest federal statistics show. The data also points to wide regional variation, with Southern states having some o
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Mass Exodus
Thousands of people flee Sake, a town in the east of the country, on February 7 as fighting intensified between Congo’s army and the M23 rebel group. M23 launched its latest offensive in March 2022 and escalations in the North Kivu province this mont
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Bidenomics Won’t Swing It for the Democrats
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN’S ECO-nomic policies might be working to his advantage, particularly in six swing states, data shows—but other figures suggest that immigration risks overshadowing Bidenomics at the ballot box come November. While the current pres
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Bones of Contention
JAW BONES, SOME TEETH, SKULL FRAGMENTS, arm and leg bones, and a few artifacts were about all they had to work with. But after decades of study, archaeologists say they understand more about the skeletal remains belonging to the father, the half-brot
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Parental Prosecution
Jennifer Crumbley, whose son Ethan Crumbley in 2021 shot dead four Oxford High School classmates and wounded several others, enters an Oakland County courtroom on February 6. A jury convicted her on four counts of involuntary manslaughter, the first
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Fresh Hope for Those Lost
WHEN 6-YEAR-OLD ADAM WALSH WENT MISSING from a mall in Hollywood, Florida, in 1981, local police didn’t immediately start a search, the National Crime Information Center didn’t track missing children and it took the FBI seven days before they showed
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The Archives
In Saddam Hussein’s wartime Iraq, “it is clear that allied air raids have inflicted severe hardship on almost every family,” Newsweek reported. Two days later, the U.S.-led coalition began a ground invasion of Iraqi-occupied Kuwait which forced Husse
Newsweek10 min readInternational Relations
On The Brink
THE NORTH KOREA OF 2024 IS MORE BELLIG-erent, provocative and focused on its military than ever before. Pyongyang has put -itelf on a war footing, upping its defense production and forging ahead with ballistic missile tests that are deeply alarming t
Newsweek4 min readInternational Relations
How North And South Korean Militaries Compare
It’s barely two months into 2024 and the year has already been marked by provocative missile tests from North Korea and anxious, rigid condemnation from its southern neighbor. Pyongyang has been walking a path of increasingly truculent rhetoric, not
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Tiny Houses To The Rescue
A VIRAL VIDEO FEATURING A content creator who purchased a tiny home on Amazon might serve as an ad for compact dwellings that could provide a viable solution for a strained housing market, experts say. With the median price for a home in the U.S. $41
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No Refuge
Smoke billows from Israeli airstrikes on February 6 in the Gazan city on the Egyptian border, where about 1.4 million displaced Palestinians have sought shelter. President Joe Biden has warned Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu against continuing military o
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Rob Reiner
CELEBRATED DIRECTOR ROB REINER IS WORRIED ABOUT THE RISE OF Christian nationalism—the use of Christian values to push a political agenda—and its impact on democracy. “A lot of people are unwittingly being drawn into this movement.” To highlight this,
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Chiefs Prevail
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes embraces tight end Travis Kelce following their 25-22 Super Bowl victory on February 11. Mahomes was crowned the game’s MVP after throwing the winning touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman Jr. in overtime to
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America’s best Loyalty Programs 2024
CUSTOMER LOYALTY MEANS BIG BUSINESS. LOYALTY programs may mean a free cup of coffee or a discount on a shirt to one individual, but to the overall marketplace, such plans deliver seismic influence on companies’ bottom lines. Data analysis firm Statis
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Biggest Beauty Trends of 2024
FORGET LOSING YOURSELF TO FILLER AND Botox, laminated eyebrows and blinding white teeth. 2024 is going to be all about living better and living longer, and utilizing your own body to do so. Newsweek spoke to leading experts and trendsetters within th
Newsweek1 min readCrime & Violence
Imprisoned Leader
Supporters of Pakistan’s Tehreeke-Insaf party demand the release from jail of their leader, former Prime Minister Imran Khan, on January 28. In his latest conviction, Khan, and his wife, Bushra Bibi, were sentenced to 14 years after being found guilt
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Doctors Put Abortion Law Before My Life
FOR NEARLY FIVE HOURS I ALTER-nate between lying in a fetal position on our bathroom floor and curling up against the wall, shivering uncontrollably one moment and burning up the next. I vomit three times on the floor. I rock back and forth in tears,
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Justin Hartley
FINDING THAT NEXT GREAT CHARACTER AFTER A BLOCKBUSTER SERIES like This Is Usisn’t easy, but Justin Hartley figured it out with his new CBS drama Tracker (February 11). “As an actor, to get to play someone so different right after playing someone I th
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Newsweek US
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Driven To Despair
FOR DECADES, CAR OWNERSHIP HAS BEEN a trademark of the American lifestyle, with vehicles becoming symbols of freedom, independence and even rebellion, as well as a necessity. But in 2024, the country’s legendary love story with the automobile may hav
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Fiery Heritage
Donning Viking armor and helmets and carrying torches, members of the Jarl Squad parade through the Shetland town of Lerwick on January 30, as part of Up Helly Aa, Europe’s largest fire festival. In celebration of the island’s Norse heritage, the fes
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Schooling The Workforce For Retention
ORGANIZATIONS LIKE THE GEN-eral Electric company, IBM and Procter & Gamble have long been touted as classic “academy companies.” Academy companies produce first-rate executives who populate their own senior ranks and go on to lead other companies. We
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Social Media Scrutiny
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, Facebook’s parent, attends a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on January 31 to discuss the company’s efforts to safeguard children and young adults. He apologized to families affected by incidents including drug purcha
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Bullfighting Backlash
In the capital city’s first bullfight since a two-year ban, matador Joselito Adame kills a bull on January 28. Six bulls were fought and killed in the world’s largest bullfighting arena, the 42,000-seat La Plaza México. Outside, riot police held back
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60 Years of Beatlemania
THE BEATLES’ PAUL MCCARTNEY, George Harrison, John Lennon and drummer Ringo Starr are all smiles as they chat with show host Ed Sullivan after making their television debut in America 60 years ago. On February 9, 1964, the Fab Four drew a record-brea
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The Archives
“The longstanding war of words between Washington and Tehran is edging toward something more dangerous...with Americans and Iranians jousting on the chaotic battleground of Iraq, the chances of a small incident spiraling into a crisis are higher than
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America’s Greatest Workplaces For Women 2024
As women make strides toward breaking down professional barriers, there are still undeniable challenges. Unequal pay, a disproportionately small number of leadership roles, discrimination and sexual harassment are obstacles working women may face eve
Newsweek5 min readInternational Relations
How the War in Ukraine Could Be Won
AS THE WAR IN UKRAINE APPROACHES ITS third year, NATO’s former commander envisions three scenarios for the conflict started by Vladimir Putin—and two of them involve a Russian victory. “If we don’t do anything different than we’re doing now, eventual
Newsweek1 min readInternational Relations
Diplomatic Blaze
Protesters outside of the British embassy in Iran’s capital set a handmade Union Jack and U.S. flag ablaze on January 12 in support of Palestinians and the Yemen-based Houthis. A U.S.-led coalition has launched four separate attacks on Houthis in Yem
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