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Social media is in love with Fujifilm’s latest, and with good reason—it’s a small yet powerful camera that’s easy to use for novices but has features pros will love. This fixed-lens camera has a 40.2- megapixel sensor that can capture 6K video, five-
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AI Is Coming To The IPhone–and It Could Change Everything
After years of the market complaining that Apple is “behind” on artificial intelligence, the company is poised to make a big push in the technology with its platform updates this year. It’s a rare move that’s been confirmed by no less than CEO Tim Co
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Peak Design Everyday Backpack: Smart Storage With A Snap
With the Everyday Backpack, Peak Design has created a backpack that’s robust and adaptable for many activities. And it looks chic, too. In the backpack’s notebook compartment, Peak Design came up with a very clever height adjustment. If you have a 13
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14-inch M3 Pro MacBook Pro: The Sweet Spot For Price And Performance
The $1,999 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M3 Pro System on a Chip is $400 more than the base 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M3 SoC. While that higher price tag looks like a lot, the $1,999 laptop ends up being a better value. You get a faster CPU and GPU,
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No, Your IPhone Isn’t Sharing Personal Info With Strangers
If you’ve been on Facebook or TikTok recently you might have seen a warning, filled with scary icons and rhetoric, about a new iPhone setting that shares your name and location. Like most viral warnings about the iPhone, it’s not true. Before we expl
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Apple Finally Has A $999 MacBook Worth Buying
Along with the launch of the new M3 MacBook Air in March, Apple shifted around its laptop range to make room for a new budget model. Gone is the M1 MacBook Air that had been in the lineup since 2020 and in its place is a new $999 model: the 13-inch M
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Mac 911
You can always find some hidden magic in macOS’s Finder, even if you think you know all the tricks. It’s only recently that I realized I had been underutilizing what you could call “drag, tab, drop” or “drag-switch.” Anywhere in macOS, you can invoke
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What Wattage USB-C Charger Can You Use To Charge A MacBook?
Apple offers a wide variety of USB-C chargers corresponding to the many models of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro it’s made that remain available or that it offers replacements for. You might think because these are so specific, like a 29W or 1
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How The IPhone’s Headphone Safety Setting Can Affect A Bluetooth Speaker
Apple wants you to avoid damaging your hearing when you’re using an iPhone or iPad (but, strangely, not a Mac). In Settings → Sounds & Haptics → Headphone Safety, enable Reduce Loud Audio, and you can set a threshold above which your iPhone or iPad w
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JBL Xtreme 4 Speaker: A Powerful Portable For Parties
JBL is a major player in the portable speaker market, offering Bluetooth speakers ranging from the very small Clip and Go series to the giant Boombox. In between are the medium-size options: the Pulse, Flip, Charge, and Xtreme. The model names are we
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Alogic Matrix Ultimate: A Fold-up Charger That Doesn’t Need A Plug
I’ve reviewed a bunch of impressive portable multi-device wireless chargers recently, and this newcomer, the Matrix Ultimate, lives up to its name. It offers maximum fast iPhone and Apple Watch wireless charging with the ability to detach the iPhone
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5 Wild PC Hardware Ideas That Would Be Even Better On The Mac
Macworld columnist Jason Snell recently wrote about how Apple should take more risks with its products—and I wholeheartedly agree, especially when it comes to the Mac. Makers of Windows PCs often implement odd features to stand out in a crowded marke
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U.S. Justice Department Sues Apple Over Its ‘IPhone Monopoly’
The U.S. Department of Justice, joined by 16 state and district attorneys general, has filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against Apple for monopolization or attempted monopolization of smartphone markets in violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Act. Yo
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Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2: Portable Printer With Retro Charm
Photographer Chase Jarvis said, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” And for just about everyone, that means it’s a smartphone camera—and unless you’re a serious photographer, you’re not carrying another camera wherever you go. You know wh
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The M3 MacBook Air completes the Apple Silicon transition
More than four months after unveiling the M3 chip in the new 14-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has finally updated the other laptops in its family, the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air. The new machines are essentially a specifications bump that should make
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Every fall Apple releases four iPhones, but this excess of choice seems less intimidating once you realize that these are really just two phones wearing different clothing. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is essentially a bigger version of the iPhone 15 Pro—sa
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FaceTiming On Your Apple TV 4K? You Don’t Have To Hold Your IPhone Anymore
With tvOS 17, Apple added the ability to make FaceTime calls with the Apple TV 4K. Since the Apple TV 4K doesn’t have a camera, Apple implemented Continuity Camera, which allows the Apple TV 4K to connect to an iPhone and use its camera. That, howeve
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Apple’s New Manuals, Specs, And Downloads Page Is A Great Resource
Apple has launched a new page for customers that brings together a lot of separate elements across its website into a single resource. The new Manuals, Specs, and Downloads page will help you find all the information you need for any of the Apple pro
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Intego VirusBarrier Scanner
You can’t knock something that comes for free, especially when it works well and meets almost all of your needs. This is the core philosophy of Intego’s VirusBarrier, the free version of its antiviral software, and arguably the teaser that segues to
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Dough Spectrum One: An Affordable Studio Display Alternative
Apple makes nice displays, but sheesh, they are expensive. So when a display like Dough’s Spectrum One with Gorilla Glass is released, it certainly catches a shopper’s eye. Priced at $898 (that’s $799 for the display and $99 for the stand), it’s cons
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15-inch M3 Macbook Air Review: Simply The Best, But Better
Over the years, we’ve touted the MacBook Air as the laptop for just about anyone—it’s an ideal combination of performance, features, and price. It became even more compelling when Apple redesigned it and upgraded to the M2 chip in 2022 and released a
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Ugreen Revodok Max 213 Thunderbolt Dock: Mightier Than The Average Hub
Resembling an integral part of a Stealth Bomber, Ugreen’s gunmetal gray Revodok Max 213 Thunderbolt Dock is a mean-looking desktop accessory. Built for a vertical orientation, it resembles the mighty CalDigit TS4 Docking Station and is priced accordi
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Listen Up: AirPods Pro To Get ‘Hearing Aid Mode’ In IOS 18
We all probably know someone (or we arethat someone) who wears AirPods all the time. Well, you might be seeing even more people leaving their AirPods in their ears if the latest report on a future feature pans out. In the paid edition of the Power On
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We Haven’t Seen The Last Of The Apple Car
Adieu, Project Titan, we never knew ye. But while Apple’s ambitious car project may have been left in the dust, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a valuable experience, nor that it doesn’t continue to pay some dividends for the company. After a decade of w
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5 MWC Announcements That Should Have Come From Apple
Mobile World Congress was held this past February in Barcelona, and we understand if it passed you by. While Apple and the iPhone are on everyone’s mind, MWC is primarily an Android show. But there are still some announcements that will get Apple fan
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How To Recover Unsaved Word Documents On A Mac
Few computer-related disasters can quickly drain the color from your face quicker than losing a document you’ve been busily working on. Whether your Mac crashed or froze, you forgot to save, or you accidentally clicked on delete, all might not be los
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Twelve South makes our favorite 3-in-1 iPhone, Watch, and AirPods charger, the HiRise 3 Deluxe, and it has triumphed again with this pocketable 2-in-1 charger that can handle the iPhone and Apple Watch, or the iPhone and AirPods, charging the two dev
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Is The Apple Watch Suffering An Existential Crisis?
In recent years, Apple has become quite secretive about the success of the Apple Watch. If it’s supplying figures for that product, they’re more likely to be processor specs or serial numbers than unit sales, or vague proclamations, like a record num
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Avira Prime for Mac
While it’s handy that various security and utility suites are trying to fold more features into their offerings, some parts sometimes work better than others. Avira Prime, the paid version of Avira’s free antiviral software Avira Free Security, works
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