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Like To Bike? Your Knees Will Thank You And You May Live Longer, Too
New research shows lifelong bikers have healthier knees, less pain and a longer lifespan, compared to people who've never biked. This adds to the evidence that cycling promotes healthy aging.
NPR2 min readCrime & Violence
How Does Trump's Trial End? It May Hinge On How Jurors Feel About Sex And Privacy
The Trump's Trials team breaks down why prosecutors have a timeline problem, what Michael Cohen's testimony so far has shown, and why it may all come down to a question of sex and privacy in the end.
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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, A Hard-liner Who Crushed Dissent, Dies At 63
Iran's ultraconservative president, killed in a helicopter crash, oversaw a crackdown on women's protests and was linked to extrajudicial killings in the 1980s.
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Taiwan's New President Urges China To Stop Its Military Intimidation
Taiwan's new President Lai Ching-te in his inauguration speech has urged China to stop its military intimidation against the self-governed island Beijing claims as its own territory.
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At Morehouse, Biden Says Dissent Should Be Heard Because Democracy Is 'Still The Way'
Facing potential headwinds with both young voters and Black voters, President Biden's Morehouse College commencement address focused on his view of the importance - and future of - democracy.
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The Jawbone Of Washed-up Whale In New Zealand Was Removed With Chainsaw And Stolen
The jawbone of a nearly 50-foot sperm whale that washed ashore in New Zealand's southernmost region has been removed. While the act is illegal, it's also considered disrespectful to the Māori people.
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Sean Combs Apologizes For 'My Actions In That Video' That Appeared To Show An Assault
Without addressing his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, who is seen in the video being kicked and dragged in 2016, the hip-hop mogul says, "I was disgusted then when I did it. I'm disgusted now."
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U.S. Troops And Equipment Will Leave Niger By Mid-September, The Pentagon Says
Niger's decision to kick out American forces dealt a blow to U.S. military operations in the Sahel. U.S. troops and some gear already have begun leaving the country.
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US National Security Adviser And Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Hold Security Deal Talks
President Joe Biden's national security adviser met early Sunday with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss a wide-ranging security agreement between the countries.
NPR4 min readInternational Relations
An Airstrike Kills 20 In Central Gaza As Israel's Leaders Air Wartime Divisions
An Israeli airstrike killed 20 people in central Gaza, mostly women and children, on Sunday, as fighting raged and Israel's leaders aired divisions over who should govern Gaza after the war.
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Benedictine College Nuns Denounce Harrison Butker's Speech At Their School
"Instead of promoting unity in our church, our nation, and the world, his comments seem to have fostered division," the sisters wrote of the NFL kicker's controversial commencement address.
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Iran's President Has Died In A Helicopter Crash, State Media Reports
Iranian state media reported Monday that no survivors had been found at the site of a helicopter crash that carried Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, the country's foreign minister and other officials.
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A Look At What Could Be The Future For Postpartum Care In America
Postpartum care in America leaves most facing a critical and often overlooked "fourth trimester" in isolation. Metro Detroit-based Fourth Tri Sanctuary offers support.
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In Knesset Speech, GOP's Elise Stefanik Calls For Unrestricted U.S. War Aid To Israel
Stefanik spoke before a caucus of Israel's parliament focused on antisemitism on college campuses around the world. She called for Hamas to be wiped "off the face of the earth."
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Hold On To Your Wishes — There's A 'Spider In The Well'
There's trouble in the town of Bad Göodsburg! A wishing well has stopped working! NPR's Tamara Keith talks with Jess Hannigan about her new children's book, "Spider in the Well."
NPR8 min read
'There Is No Respect Anymore' As Ambulances Come Under Attack In South Africa
That's what one paramedic says of the targeting of ambulance crews. Criminals are after phones and wallets along with medical equipment and drugs. We ride along with a Cape Town crew in a Red Zone.
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Usyk Beats Fury To Become First Undisputed Heavyweight Boxing Champion In 24 Years
Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk became the world's first undisputed heavyweight boxing champion in 24 years by beating British fighter Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia's Riyadh.
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At Age 90, America's First Black Astronaut Candidate Has Finally Made It To Space
Ed Dwight, a former Air Force test pilot who was passed over to become an astronaut in the 1960s, described his flight aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard as "life changing."
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Dabney Coleman, Who Starred In '9 To 5' And 'Tootsie', Dies At 92
Dabney Coleman, the mustachioed character actor who specialized in smarmy villains like the chauvinist boss in "9 to 5" and the nasty TV director in "Tootsie," has died.
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Seize The Grey Wins The Preakness, Ending Mystik Dan's Triple Crown Bid
Seize the Grey ended Kentucky Derby winner Mystik Dan's Triple Crown bid by going wire to wire to win the Preakness, giving trainer D. Wayne Lukas his seventh victory in the race.
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A U.S. Doctor In Gaza Wants President Biden To Know 'We Are Not Safe'
Dr. Adam Hamawy is a former U.S. Army combat surgeon currently in Gaza. He said he's treating primarily civilians, rather than combatants: "mostly children, many women, many elderly."
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New York Proposes A Ban On Guns That Are Easy To Convert To Illegal Automatic Weapons
Meanwhile, Maryland's governor signs a bill to address the surge of conversion devices, including Glock switches, that bypass a pistol's trigger mechanism, allowing the weapon to fire fully automatic.
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These Teens Were Missing Too Much School. Here's What It Took To Get Them Back
Since the pandemic, chronic absenteeism in the nation's K-12 schools has skyrocketed. These teens are working to get their attendance back on track.
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In A Debate Over A School Name, It's Not Just Parents Who Are Attached To The Past
At the height of the racial reckoning, a school district in Virginia voted to rename two schools that had been previously named for Confederate generals. This month, that decision was reversed.
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Boeing's Troubled Starliner Spacecraft Launch Is Delayed Again
A helium leak pushed back a planned launch to May 25. Boeing's program that would shuttle astronauts to and from the International Space Station has been plagued with problems.
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A Member Of Israel's War Cabinet Says He'll Quit If There Is No Plan To Replace Hamas
The ultimatum by war cabinet member Benny Gantz reflects discontent among Israel's leadership about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of the Gaza war and his far-right political partners.
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In Pursuit Of Radical Honesty, 'Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show' Delivers Ambiguity
The comedian's HBO Reality Show has been called invasive and narcissistic. But it's also a natural progression of Jerrod Carmichael's work.
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Pete McCloskey's Life Reminds Us How Politics Long In The Past Live On In The Present
McCloskey's story has both deep roots and burgeoning relevance. He died this month at 96 and had long been out of the limelight, but the issues he had been willing to champion are as salient as ever.
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'Wait Wait' for May 18, 2024: With Not My Job guest Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke broke out in 2019, with a role in Stranger Things and her first single. Now, she's got a new album and a new movie in the same month, but can she answer our questions about birdwatchers?
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Ohio Reviewing Race-based Scholarships After Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling
Higher education officials in Ohio are reviewing race-based scholarships after last year's Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.
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