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Kara Swisher Is Still Drawn To Tech Despite Her Disappointments With The Industry
Writer and podcaster Kara Swisher wrote her memoir, Burn Book, about her disillusionment with many tech moguls. It recounts more than three decades covering the tech industry.
NPR6 min read
This Is What Happens When A Wind Farm Comes To A Coal Town
Keyser in West Virginia represents a national shift in American energy production. And in a town that was defined by coal for generations, change can be difficult.
NPR8 min read
Why Do We Leap Day? We Remind You (so You Can Forget For Another 4 Years)
Why do we have leap years, and what are we supposed to do — or not do — with our rare extra day? NPR's Morning Edition spoke with experts in astronomy, history and economics to find out.
NPR5 min read
Michigan's Elections Chief Wants To Protect Voters, Poll Workers And Democracy Itself
Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson sat down with Morning Edition in Detroit days ahead of the state's primary to discuss her approach to election security in 2024.
NPR3 min readWorld
Gaza Cease-fire Talks Inch Forward; Supreme Court Hears Social Media Censorship Case
Negotiators are inching toward another cease-fire deal in Gaza, even as Netanyahu vows to move troops into Rafah. The Supreme Court hears a case that could define the internet's future.
NPR6 min read
Raising A Child With Autism In Kenya: Facing Stigma, Finding Glimmers Of Hope
In Africa, there is a shortage of specialists and a lack of financial support for famlies who can't afford therapy. We look at how three families are coping.
NPR4 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
The Supreme Court Will Hear Challenges To Texas And Florida Social Media Laws
These cases raise a critical question for the First Amendment and the future of social media: whether states can force the platforms to carry content they find hateful or objectionable.
NPR5 min readCrime & Violence
Poland's Judiciary Was A Tool Of Its Government. New Leaders Are Trying To Undo That
Poland's far-right Law and Justice party spent eight years stacking the courts with allies, destroying the judiciary's independence. The new government is finding it's tough to undo the damage.
NPR2 min read
Welcome Gabrielle Emanuel to the Science Desk
In a note to newsroom staff, Vikki Valentine, Chief Science Editor, shared the following announcement: Please join me in welcoming Gabrielle Emanuel, our new global health correspondent.  Gabrielle comes to us from WBUR, where she was a senior healt
NPR3 min read
FTC And 9 States Sue To Block Kroger-Albertsons Supermarket Merger
The Federal Trade Commission and 9 states want to stop the deal that would combine the country's two largest grocery store chains. The companies say they have to merge to compete with Walmart.
NPR6 min read
Returning characters revive 'The Walking Dead' in 'The Ones Who Live'
Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln are back as Michonne and Rick Grimes in the new spinoff. But will a new audience show up for a franchise that is nearly 14 years old?
NPR4 min read
8 Tracks: Are You Here To Rekindle The Flame Of Love?
You, a Pisces full of wisdom, and have discovered a new song that lights up your soul. This week on 8 Tracks: Mild to wild obsessions with SZA, Bat for Lashes and Alice Coltrane.
NPR2 min readWorld
Navalny Was About To Be Swapped For A Russian Prisoner In Germany, An Associate Says
An associate of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny says in a video statement talks were underway shortly before his death to exchange him for a Russian imprisoned in Germany.
NPR3 min read
Vigils Held Nationwide For Nonbinary Oklahoma Teen Who Died Following School Fight
Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old who identified as nonbinary, got into an altercation with three girls in an Owasso High School bathroom who were picking on Benedict and some friends.
NPR4 min readInternational Relations
With Or Without A Cease-fire, Netanyahu Says Israeli Operation In Rafah Will Happen
As talks over a cease-fire in Gaza continue, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his cabinet was reviewing military plans for Rafah, where more than a million Palestinians are sheltering.
NPR7 min read
Wildfires Are Killing California's Ancient Giants. Can Seedlings Save The Species?
Extreme wildfires have destroyed about one-fifth of all giant sequoia trees. To safeguard their future, the National Park Service is planting seedlings that could better survive a hotter climate.
NPR5 min readInternational Relations
Why Egypt Won't Allow Vulnerable Palestinians Across Its Border
Egypt's empty Sinai Peninsula would offer safety for Palestinian civilians. But Egypt fears refugees might never be allowed back, citing the painful history of earlier Israeli-Palestinian wars.
NPR2 min read
Oppenheimer Movie Dominates SAG Awards, While Streisand Wins Lifetime Prize
Oppenheimer dominated at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on Saturday, as several winners paid tribute to last year's actors' strike. Barbra Streisand was given a lifetime achievement prize.
NPR5 min read
I'm A Ukrainian Journalist. I Never Expected To Be A War Reporter In My Own Country
Polina Lytvynova, an NPR producer in Ukraine, reflects on the changes two years of war with Russia have brought to her country — and to her work as a journalist.
NPR10 min readPoverty & Homelessness
A New Home For The African Diaspora In Ghana Stirs Tensions
Ghana tried to create a haven for anyone from across the African diaspora. But for some Ghanaians, the project has become a source of bitterness.
NPR5 min readInternational Relations
Series Of Recent DOJ Cases Show Foreign Operatives Plotting Assassinations In U.S.
State-sponsored assassination plots on U.S. soil may sound like the stuff of movies, but the Department of Justice says it has foiled four such cases since 2022.
NPR4 min read
Shane Gillis Struggles In A 'Saturday Night Live' Monologue Which Avoids The Obvious
Gillis didn't spend much time joking about the controversy that got him fired from the show. Instead, his opening monologue felt like an attempt to insulate himself from criticism and avoid backlash.
NPR8 min readAmerican Government
What Could Biden's Israel-Gaza Stance Mean For His Campaign? Michigan Is An Early Test
Some Arab American, Muslim and young voters in the Detroit area plan to vote "uncommitted" in Tuesday's primary. They want to send a message to Biden: Call for a ceasefire or lose us in November.
NPR4 min read
Mt. Everest Is Plagued By Garbage. These Nepali Women Are Transforming It Into Crafts
They're turning cast-off climbing ropes into handmade crafts. It's part of a fledgling effort in Nepal to repurpose mountain waste and provide economic opportunity.
NPR3 min readInternational Relations
Jake Sullivan Says U.S., Israel Have Agreed To 'Basic Contours' Of A Cease-fire Deal
It's unclear whether Hamas would also sign on. The White House national security adviser also called on Republicans in Congress to approve more military aid to Ukraine.
NPR2 min read
Decades-old Missing Person Case Solved After Relative Uploads DNA To Genealogy Site
Sandra Young was between 16 and 18 years old when she went missing in the late 1960s. Police in Oregon say an upload to the genealogy database GEDMatch helped them identify her remains.
NPR3 min readInternational Relations
31,000 Ukrainian Troops Have Been Killed So Far In The War, Zelenskyy Says
It's the first time Ukraine has publicly given a figure for military casualties. As Russia's war on Ukraine enters its third year, Zelenskyy says 2024 could be decisive.
NPR1 min readAmerican Government
Conservative Megadonors Koch Not Funding Haley Anymore As She Continues Longshot Bid
The influential Koch network of conservative megadonors announced it will no longer be spending its resources on Haley's presidential bid, saying no outside group can "widen her path to victory."
NPR1 min read
Cuban Cabaret Artist Juana Bacallao Dies At 98
The legendary nightclub singer died Saturday in her hometown of Havana, according to a statement on social media from Cuba's Ministry of Culture.
NPR1 min readInternational Relations
The U.S. And Britain Carry Out Strikes On 18 Houthi Targets In Yemen
The strikes targeted eight locations in Yemen that included missile storage and air defense systems, officials said.
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