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Poland's President Visits Donald Trump As Allies Eye A Possible Return
Former President Donald Trump met Wednesday with Polish President Andrzej Duda, the latest in a series of meetings with foreign leaders as they brace for the possibility of a second Trump term.
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Amid Concerns About Kids And Guns, Some Say Training Is The Answer
The number of U.S. children dying from gunshot wounds has climbed in recent years. Keeping guns out of reach is one way to curb the trend — others argue to teach kids to handle guns responsibly.
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Photos: UAE Sees Its Heaviest Rains In 75 Years
Schools and businesses were closed across the United Arab Emirates after about a year's worth of rain fell in a single day. Flooding has also disrupted travel at Dubai International Airport.
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Why Future trusts Metro Boomin
After a decade ruled by their influence, the buzzy reunion of two hip-hop giants finds one imbued with a startling new power.
NPR2 min readCrime & Violence
Lawyers For Nassar Assault Survivors Have Reached $100M Deal With Justice Department
The U.S. Justice Department has agreed to pay approximately $100 million to settle claims with about 100 people who say they were sexually assaulted by sports doctor Larry Nassar.
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The Search For An Impartial Jury In Trump's Hush Money Case Resumes
Jury selection continues in the trial focused on the former president. Trump is present in the courtroom while New Yorkers answer personal questions about their ability to serve on the jury.
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Maine Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Gun Legislation Following The Lewiston Mass Shooting
The Maine Legislature approved gun safety legislation including background checks on private gun sales, waiting periods for gun purchases and criminalizing gun sales to prohibited people.
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What Are 'Orphan Crops'? And Why Is There A New Campaign To Get Them Adopted?
The grass pea is one: a hardy crop that can thrive in a drought. An agriculturist is spearheading an effort to diversity what farmers grow as climate change threatens staples like corn and wheat.
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Fair Reporting On The Israel-Hamas War
There's been a lot of public conversation this past week about whether NPR's attachment to bringing diverse voices onto its staff and airwaves is a good thing or a bad thing. This current debate arose in reaction to a column last week written by a fr
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'Sesame Street' Writers Authorize A Strike If They Don't Reach A Contract By Friday
Writers for the children's program want better residuals and annual raises, and for auxiliary works, such as social media segments, to be covered by union benefits. Their contract expires Friday.
NPR2 min readWorld
Housing Costs Keep Inflation Stubborn; New Report On Maui Wildfires Released
Inflation is proving stubborn this year, and the cost of rent may be to blame. Hawaii's attorney general has released the first report into last year's Maui fires.
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Lethal Heat In West Africa Is Driven By Human-caused Climate Change
The recent deadly heat in West Africa is driven by human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, particularly in the wealthy Northern Hemisphere, according to an international report.
NPR2 min readAmerican Government
The Kennedys Endorse Biden, Not Their Family Member RFK Jr.
The Kennedys have been critical of Robert F. Kennedy's third-party run, which has the potential to draw votes away from President Biden — who the family endorsed Thursday.
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A Portrait Of Haitians Trying To Survive Without A Government
Haiti is on the verge of collapse, with little to no government. But many Haitians have already learned to live without the support of the state, as NPR discovered traveling to Cap-Haïtien.
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Wildfire Smoke Contributes To Thousands Of Deaths Each Year In The U.S.
Two new studies show the unseen toll smoke is taking on people across the country. Climate change is likely to make the problem even bigger.
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'When I Think Of You' Could Be A Ripped-from-the-headlines Hollywood Romance
Myah Ariel's debut is like a fizzy, angsty mash-up of Bolu Babalola and Kennedy Ryan as the challenges of doing meaningful work in Hollywood threaten two young lovers' romantic reunion.
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China's Cities Are Sinking, Putting Tens Of Millions At Risk
Nearly a third of China's urban population lives in areas that are subsiding, according to a sweeping national survey of 82 major Chinese cities. In coastal areas, that makes sea level rise worse.
NPR3 min readPolitical Ideologies
Some Independent Candidates Start Their Own Political Parties To Ease Ballot Access
Some states make it much easier to get on the ballot as a minor-party presidential candidate, compared with running as an independent. That's why RFK Jr. and Cornel West have made their own parties.
NPR3 min readAmerican Government
Senators To Be Sworn In As Jurors In Mayorkas Impeachment Trial
The Senate is still negotiating what the scope of the homeland security secretary's trial will be and whether to allow debate in the Democratic-controlled chamber.
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NPR Editor Uri Berliner Resigns With Blast At New CEO
The senior editor says CEO Katherine Maher has "divisive views" that confirm the issues he wrote about in an essay accusing NPR of losing the public's trust.
NPR2 min readAmerican Government
Senate Kills Articles Of Impeachment Against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas
The Senate rejected the two articles that accuse Mayorkas of refusing to enforce immigration laws. The House voted to impeach him in February.
NPR7 min readWorld
The Relentless Focus On Gaza
It's been six months since Hamas attacked Israel and Israel responded with war. Since then, the most frequent complaint we get in the Public Editor inbox is that NPR has downplayed the suffering of Israelis while calling attention to the suffering of
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Senate Mulls Next Steps In Mayorkas Impeachment; Ocean Heat Is Mass Bleaching Coral
The Senate kicks off the impeachment trial of the Homeland Security secretary. Coral reefs are undergoing a mass bleaching event that could soon be the worst on record.
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A New Lennon-McCartney Collab Has Dropped — But This Time, It's By The Beatles' Sons
A new single, "Primrose Hill," was co-written by Sean Ono Lennon and James McCartney, the youngest sons of Beatles musicians John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
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Watch: Salman Rushdie On The Moment He Was Attacked On Stage, And Why He Felt Lonely
Salman Rushdie is a storyteller. So when you ask him to describe the day, in 2022, when he was attacked and nearly killed by a young man with a knife, Rushdie paints a vivid picture.
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5 New Mysteries And Thrillers For Your Nightstand This Spring
These new books will take you from murder in present-day Texas to cryptography in Cold War Berlin to an online community that might hold the solution to a missing-person case.
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Watch: A Circus Elephant Runs Loose In A Montana Town Before Being Recaptured
The animal was having a routine bath when she was startled by a truck backfiring and ran away before being recaptured by handlers. Videos of the unexpected sight were shared widely on social media.
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NBA Bans Jontay Porter After Gambling Probe Shows He Shared Information, Bet On Games
The Toronto Raptors player has been banned for life from the NBA after a probe found he disclosed confidential information to sports bettors and bet on games, even betting on the Raptors to lose.
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How Do You Keep Calm And Carry On In A World Full Of Crises?
We asked folks whose job it is to make the world a better place: How do you find the inner strength to keep plugging away in tough times? And what advice do you have for fledgling activists?
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Ford Recalls 456,000 Broncos, Mavericks That May Lose Power, Raising Crash Risks
The automaker is recalling Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles due to a battery detection issue that can result in loss of drive power, increasing crash risks.
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