Union of Concerned Scientists6 min readEnvironmental
Roundup: EPA Releases Several Rules and a Draft Scientific Integrity Policy
In this latest scientific integrity roundup, a preview of Supreme Court cases that could limit federal agencies' ability to set protective standards.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min read
Fossil Fuel Companies Make Billions in Profit as We Suffer Billions in Losses: 2024 Edition
The numbers are in for 2023: dizzying profits for fossil fuel companies and billions in climate-driven disasters.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min read
What’s Stalling the Transition to a Modern Electricity Grid?
Much of our electricity system is 50 to 70 years old, yet current plans for domestic manufacturing, electric vehicle fleets, community solar gardens and more clean energy all depend on a modern grid. New demands for electricity and the need to reduce
Union of Concerned Scientists13 min read
The Gas Utility Industry is Gaslighting Us
The industry knew as far back as 1970 that gas stoves pose a threat to public health and the environment.
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min readLeadership
Industry’s Newest Tactics to Undermine EPA Science
Industry is attempting some new tactics to undermine independent science and science-based decisionmaking at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA previously released their updated scientific integrity policy for public comment, and many
Union of Concerned Scientists4 min read
What’s the Role of the Land Carbon Sink in Achieving US Climate Goals?
Land absorbs a lot of human-created carbon emissions, but is its ability to do so unlimited? And how does climate change affect this process?
Union of Concerned Scientists4 min readCrime & Violence
Swiss Women Lead the Way in Historic Climate Justice Victory
In a pivotal week for environmental justice, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, France, delivered rulings on three climate cases. A landmark ruling in the Swiss Women’s case criticized governments for not acting in line with sci
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min read
Greenwashing in Graphs: an ExxonMobil Story
Research Scientist Carly Phillips takes a look at ExxonMobil's latest climate report to see if it bears up to scientific scrutiny (spoiler: nope).
Union of Concerned Scientists7 min read
Ask an Expert: What to Expect this Oil Industry Proxy Season
There are ways to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the climate crisis—or at least nudge them in the right direction—in addition to government regulation. One avenue, which dozens of cities, counties and states across the United States and i
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min readAddiction
How Tobacco Companies Created the Disinformation Playbook
The tobacco companies were notorious for confusing the public about the threat cigarettes posed to human health. But there are many ways you can recognize disinformation and stop its spread.
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min read
As its Lone Climate Scientist Board Member Departs, ExxonMobil Still Heads in the Wrong Direction
Climate scientist Susan Avery is departing ExxonMobil's board while the company's carbon emissions and climate disinformation continue.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min read
The Fossil Fuel Industry Continues Producing Heat-Trapping Emissions that Drive Climate Change
A new dataset released by InfluenceMap provides information on heat-trapping emissions traced to the 122 largest investor and state-owned fossil fuel companies in the world. Fossil fuels are the main driver of climate change and the terrifying effect
Union of Concerned Scientists4 min read
New, Updated Carbon Majors Dataset Holds Promise for Researchers, Litigators
A new site provides an updated—and easy to access and explore—dataset on heat-trapping emissions by producer. Check it out at carbonmajors.org.
Union of Concerned Scientists7 min read
A Triumph and Disgrace: The Very Slow Road to Banning Asbestos
The United States remains many steps behind other developed nations when it comes to asbestos and chemical safety.
Union of Concerned Scientists3 min read
A Handy New Chart Shows Clean Energy’s Remarkable Progress
Solar and wind hit their current peak in April 2023, at more than 21%. Given the recent pace of progress, though, it’s likely that they’ll break that record this spring.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min readAmerican Government
EPA Grant Program Helps to Accelerate Transition to Cleaner Ports
In a much-needed transition, the Clean Ports Program will provide $3 billion for zero-emission equipment and climate and air quality planning at our country’s ports.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min readGender Studies
Women In A Transportation System Designed For Men
At some point as a bright-eyed kid who loved STEM, I was told to “draw an engineer”. You can probably guess what happened. My little stick figure came with a hard hat, a wrench, and no indication of them being a woman. This matches over 50 years of r
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min read
Four Reasons You Should Care about California Snow
It's Pablo Ortiz's favorite time of year: snow survey season! As CA water managers make their forecasts for the rest of the year, he explains why we should care about Golden State snow.
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min read
Climate Finance Rule Stiffs Investors
How did special interests manage to water down the Securities Exchange Commission's new rules intended to protect investors?
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min readWorld
Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on China’s Nuclear Weapons
Speech obtained by UCS does not support New York Times claim on a changing nuclear posture.
Union of Concerned Scientists3 min readCrime & Violence
Court Rulings Signal Support to Protect Disinformation Researchers
A federal judge threw out a lawsuit by Elon Musk's X in an important ruling that will help protect researchers and scientists from political attack.
Union of Concerned Scientists7 min readAmerican Government
EPA’s Final 2027-2032 Truck Rule Risks Leaving Communities Behind
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just finalized its Phase 3 greenhouse gas regulation as a part of the administration’s plan to decarbonize the transportation sector. The Phase 3 regulation will cut new greenhouse gas emissions from trucks i
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min readAmerican Government
Everything You Need to Know about EPA’s New Clean Car Emissions Standards
Last week, the Biden Administration finalized the newest, and strongest, set of vehicle emissions standards for new passenger cars and trucks. These new rules apply to all auto manufacturers and only affect new vehicle sales. They will go into effect
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min read
Paula García Knows Renewable Energy Is for the People
UCS's Paula García is working for environmental justice in her adopted home of Massachusetts, a journey that began for her in her native Colombia. This profile shows her way there.
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min readAmerican Government
UCS Testimony on the Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit
Here is testimony provided by Deputy Policy Director with the Climate & Energy program Julie McNamara to the the U.S. Department of the Treasury, on proposed regulations around hydrogen production and use.
Union of Concerned Scientists7 min read
A Trip Down Memory “Train”: A Brief History of Public Transit
An equitable, sustainable future will require us to rally around a system built for people, not cars.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min readAmerican Government
Where Is Truck Charging Needed First? We Have the White House’s Answer
Communities most impacted by local air pollution from freight have been leading the call for the zero-emission freight for decades.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 min readAmerican Government
EPA Strengthens Emissions Controls for Facilities Emitting Cancer-Causing Ethylene Oxide
Last week, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized updated regulations for certain facilities that emit ethylene oxide (EtO), a colorless, cancer-causing gas. These long-awaited rules will require facilities using EtO to sterilize medi
Union of Concerned Scientists3 min readAmerican Government
Show Me the (Agriculture Appropriations) Money
The agriculture appropriations bill that was recently signed into law is a mix of good and bad. We need to push Congress to do better in its funding for next year.
Union of Concerned Scientists4 min read
Growing Shade Equity, One Tree at a Time
Community-engaged science is helping provide shade equity—equal access to the cooling benefits of tree cover—to residents of Los Angeles.
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