FactCheck.org4 min read
Post Uses Altered Photo to Impugn Klobuchar’s Comments on Slain First Responders
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar posted condolences and support for two police officers and a firefighter killed Feb. 18 while responding to a domestic incident. A post on social media uses an altered photo to falsely claim Klobuchar previously attended
FactCheck.org8 min readAmerican Government
Trump Repeats Many Claims in Fox News Town Hall
In a Feb. 20 town hall in South Carolina that aired on Fox News, days before the state's Republican primary, former President Donald Trump repeated several false and misleading claims we've fact-checked before. The post Trump Repeats Many Claims in
FactCheck.org5 min readAmerican Government
Trump Ad Misleads on Haley Opposition to Trump Border Policies
A new campaign ad from former President Donald Trump makes two misleading claims about Nikki Haley's opposition to border policies championed by Trump. The post Trump Ad Misleads on Haley Opposition to Trump Border Policies appeared first on FactChec
FactCheck.org2 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
IRS Has Not Introduced Immigrant Housing Tax Incentive, Contrary to Posts
The IRS has not introduced a tax incentive for U.S. families to house immigrants in exchange for labor. A bogus claim that was originally posted as satire is circulating on social media without a disclaimer. The post IRS Has Not Introduced Immigrant
FactCheck.org7 min readAmerican Government
Experts Say Proposed Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Rules Not an EPA ‘Ban’ on Gas-Powered Cars
Pending regulations under review by the Biden administration could greatly increase the number of electric vehicles sold in the U.S. But if implemented, the proposals to reduce tailpipe emissions and raise the fuel efficiency standards of cars and tr
FactCheck.org8 min read
CDC, Experts Say Fluoridated Water Is Safe, Contrary to RFK Jr.’s Warnings
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and multiple expert groups endorse water fluoridation as a safe way to reduce tooth decay. However, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a sweeping claim about fluoride’s effects
FactCheck.org3 min read
Amy Schumer Has Endometriosis, Not a Vaccine-Related Ailment
Comedian Amy Schumer has said she’s having "some medical and hormonal" issues related to endometriosis that have affected her appearance. But some social media users are falsely claiming that Schumer announced she is suffering from a vaccine-related
FactCheck.org7 min readAmerican Government
Indictment of FBI Informant Undermines Centerpiece of GOP’s Impeachment Case
Republicans have cited an unverified report by an FBI informant to allege that Joe Biden took a bribe from a Ukrainian company. But that informant has now been indicted for lying to the FBI about the bribe. The post Indictment of FBI Informant Underm
FactCheck.org12 min read
Review Article By Misinformation Spreaders Misleads About mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have a good safety record and have saved millions of lives. But viral posts claim the contrary, citing a recent peer-reviewed article authored by known COVID-19 misinformation spreaders and published in a controversial jour
FactCheck.org4 min readCrime & Violence
Texas Abortion Recipients Not Subject to Penalty, Contrary to Online Claims
Abortion is illegal in Texas, with narrow exceptions for the life and health of a pregnant patient. Those who provide abortions can face stiff penalties, but Texas law specifies that those who get an abortion are not to be penalized. Posts have been
FactCheck.org7 min readAmerican Government
Republicans Distort Facts on Special Counsel Decision Not to Charge Biden
At their weekly news conference, several Republican House leaders wrongly claimed the special counsel report into Joe Biden's handling of classified documents found the president was mentally unfit to stand trial. The report said no such thing. The
FactCheck.org3 min readCrime & Violence
Posts Misidentify Suspect in Kansas City Parade Shootings
Kansas City authorities charged two juvenile suspects with crimes connected to the Feb. 14 shootings at the Kansas City Chiefs' victory celebration, in which one person was killed and 22 others were injured. Social media posts falsely identified one
FactCheck.org2 min read
Posts Make Unfounded Claim About Swift and Kelce’s Post-Election Plans
Neither Taylor Swift nor Travis Kelce has endorsed a candidate in the 2024 presidential race as of Feb. 16. But social media posts are making the unfounded claim that the pair said they plan to leave the U.S. if former President Donald Trump wins the
FactCheck.org5 min readAmerican Government
Haley’s Ad Misleads About Trump’s Proposed Tariffs
As former President Donald Trump campaigns on the exaggerated claim to being the largest tax cutter in U.S. history, the latest ad from Nikki Haley's campaign misleadingly claims Trump now favors "a 10% across the board tax increase." The post Haley’
FactCheck.org6 min readAmerican Government
Trump’s Distorted NATO ‘Delinquent’ Comments
Donald Trump said that when he was president, he told the leader of a large NATO country that if the country was “delinquent” in its payments to NATO and Russia attacked it, “I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the
FactCheck.org12 min readAmerican Government
Biden’s Claims About Special Counsel Report on Classified Documents Investigation
Special Counsel Robert Hur's report on his investigation of President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents concluded that "no criminal charges are warranted in this matter." But in a press conference, Biden made several false or misleading cl
FactCheck.org3 min readAmerican Government
Biden’s Job Growth Chart Ignores Impact of Pandemic
Since President Joe Biden took office, the economy has added nearly 14.8 million jobs, 5.4 million more than the pre-pandemic peak in early 2020. All told, it's an average monthly job growth of more than 400,000. But Biden misleadingly contrasts that
FactCheck.org5 min read
Posts Mislead About Record-Setting Canadian Wildfires Fueled by Climate Change
The record-setting Canadian wildfires in 2023 were caused mainly by lightning igniting forests that were unusually hot and dry, in part due to climate change. But the recent conviction of a Quebec man led to false claims on social media that the majo
FactCheck.org2 min read
Posts Misrepresent Saudi Prince’s Comment on Investment in Kushner Fund
Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund invested money with Jared Kushner, former President Donald Trump's son-in-law, after he left the White House in 2021. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told Fox News that the fund would keep its commitment to
FactCheck.org9 min readAmerican Government
Unraveling Misinformation About Bipartisan Immigration Bill
Even before a bipartisan group of senators unveiled the text of a foreign aid and immigration overhaul bill on Feb. 4, it faced significant opposition from former President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders. We'll explain what was in the legi
FactCheck.org12 min read
Electric Vehicles Contribute Fewer Emissions Than Gasoline-Powered Cars Over Their Lifetimes
Q: Are electric cars really better for the environment than gasoline-powered cars over their lifetimes?  A: Yes. Electric vehicles typically release fewer greenhouse gas emissions than internal combustion engine vehicles during their life cycles, eve
FactCheck.org4 min readCrime & Violence
Posts Sling Baseless Claims at Judge in Defamation Case Against Trump
Misinformation peddlers baselessly claim a judge who presided over the defamation case that ended with an $83 million verdict against former President Donald Trump is linked to sex trafficking, noting that the judge dismissed a case related to Jeffre
FactCheck.org2 min read
Biden Makes False Claim About Jan. 6 Capitol Attack
About 140 law enforcement officers were injured during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to multiple reports. But no officers were "killed" that day, as President Joe Biden falsely claimed at a Jan. 31 campaign reception in Miam
FactCheck.org3 min readAmerican Government
Online Posts Share Altered Photo of Taylor Swift With Bogus Political Sign
Taylor Swift has previously endorsed political candidates, including Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Online posts, however, share an altered photo of Swift that purports to show she endorses former President Donald Trump's false claim that he won in
FactCheck.org9 min read
Posts Misrepresent Mouse Study of Pangolin Virus
A study showed a type of lab mouse is highly susceptible to a coronavirus derived from pangolins, a scaly, cat-sized mammal. This doesn’t mean the virus is dangerous to humans. The virus is related to the one that causes COVID-19 but did not descend
FactCheck.org7 min readAmerican Government
Trump, Haley Trade False and Misleading Attacks
The last two major candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have misfired in launching attacks on each other recently. The post Trump, Haley Trade False and Misleading Attacks appeared first on FactCheck.org.
FactCheck.org4 min read
Examining Lankford’s Claim About ‘Special Interest Aliens’
With apprehensions at the southern border still near historical highs, some congressional Republicans have raised concerns about the number of border crossers who have been counted as so-called "Special Interest Aliens." The post Examining Lankford’s
FactCheck.org4 min readAmerican Government
Trump Chose to Compete in Nevada GOP Caucuses, Not Primary, Contrary to Online Claims
Former President Donald Trump is competing in Nevada's Republican presidential caucuses but not the state-run primary election. Nevada's delegates are awarded based on the results of caucuses, not the primary election. Social media posts falsely clai
FactCheck.org11 min read
Posts Mislead About Measles, MMR Vaccine Amid Recent Outbreaks
Measles is a highly contagious disease that can be serious and even fatal. Fortunately, it can safely be prevented by vaccination. But in the wake of outbreaks in the U.S. and elsewhere -- likely in large part due to low vaccination coverage -- socia
FactCheck.org3 min read
Posts Misrepresent WHO Term ‘Disease X’ for Possible Future Illness
The World Health Organization began using the term "Disease X" in a 2018 planning document to refer to a "currently unknown" illness. But since the term was used at the January meeting of the World Economic Forum, conspiracy theorists baselessly clai
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