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FactChecking Biden’s Swing-State Stops in Pennsylvania
While former President Donald Trump spent much of his week in court, President Joe Biden visited the swing state of Pennsylvania for three days and gave speeches in Scranton, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. We flagged some false and misleading claims, i
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Posts Misrepresent Views of Eclipse With Composite Images
During the April 8 eclipse, people in the path of totality were able to see solar phenomena, including the sun's corona. But social media posts have shared altered or composite images of these phenomena, claiming one image was "captured by NASA." It
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Trump’s Unfounded ‘Colossal’ Tax Hike Warning
On the day of the tax filing deadline, former President Donald Trump went on Truth Social to misleadingly warn that if President Joe Biden is reelected, "you will soon be facing colossal tax HIKES." But in his latest budget proposal, Biden supports e
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Judge Hasn’t Ruled on Trump’s Graduation Request
On the first day of his criminal fraud trial in New York, former President Donald Trump requested that the judge not hold court proceedings on May 17 -- the day of his youngest son's high school graduation. The judge did not rule on the request, sayi
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Viral Claim Inflates Number of New Voters in Three States
A claim on social media misrepresents the number of people who have registered to vote in three states in 2024 and suggests the new voters are immigrants in the country illegally. There have been 194,000 newly registered voters in those states -- not
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O.J. Simpson Died from Cancer, Not COVID-19 Vaccine
O.J. Simpson, a football star who was acquitted in the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, died of cancer on April 10 at age 76. Misinformation spread online within hours of the news. Social media posts falsely claimed that the cancer was related t
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Familiar Claims in a Familiar Presidential Race
As a primer for the 2024 election, here's our guide to the top 10 falsehoods and distortions -- so far -- in terms of Trump's and Biden's propensity to repeat them. The post Familiar Claims in a Familiar Presidential Race appeared first on FactCheck
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Trump’s False Claim About Roe
In a video statement outlining his position on abortion, former President Donald Trump falsely claimed that "all legal scholars, both sides, wanted and in fact demanded" that Roe v. Wade "be ended." Legal scholars told us that was "utter nonsense" an
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A pro-cryptocurrency super PAC that supports candidates who back policies favorable to that industry. The post Fairshake appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Posts Raise Unfounded Concerns About Aluminum in Vaccines
Small amounts of aluminum have been used for many decades to strengthen the immune response to vaccines. Exposure to high levels of aluminum has been associated with brain and bone problems, but there is no evidence that the level of exposure provide
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Trump’s Misleading Chart on Illegal Immigration
During a speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump pointed to a chart on apprehensions of people trying to enter the U.S. illegally at the southwest border. "See the arrow on the bottom? That was my last week in office," he said.
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Priorities USA Action
A liberal hybrid PAC focusing on digital advertising that supports President Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates. The post Priorities USA Action appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Congressional Leadership Fund
Conservative super PAC seeking to preserve a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The post Congressional Leadership Fund appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Shanahan Misleads on Women’s Fertility Trends
Women are having fewer children today than in the past globally, but experts say that’s by choice and it doesn’t mean “we are facing a crisis in reproductive health,” as Nicole Shanahan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate, said during her announcem
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Posts Make Unsupported Claim About Trump Donation for Slain Officer
Former President Donald Trump attended the wake for slain New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller and met with his family. But social media posts make the unsupported claim that Trump paid off the family's mortgage. A nonprofit announced it woul
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Partisan Controversy Over Easter and Transgender Day of Visibility
Both Easter and the Transgender Day of Visibility happened to fall on March 31 this year. President Joe Biden recognized both occasions, as he has done every year in office. But some social media posts and conservative politicians characterized his a
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Club for Growth Action
A super PAC that backs "free-market, limited government conservatives." The post Club for Growth Action appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Social Media Posts Inflate Net Worth of N.Y. Attorney General
New York Attorney General Letitia James, who won a civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump, has a net worth of about $2.7 million, her most recent financial disclosure statement shows. But social media posts baselessly claim she's wort
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Elon Musk Overstates Partisan Impact of Illegal Immigration on House Apportionment
In claiming that illegal immigration benefits Democrats, entrepreneur Elon Musk vastly overstated its impact on the apportionment of House seats and Electoral College votes. The post Elon Musk Overstates Partisan Impact of Illegal Immigration on Hou
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Baseless Conspiracy Theories Follow Key Bridge Collapse
The Francis Scott Key Bridge near Baltimore collapsed after being hit by a cargo ship in the early morning on March 26. Although all evidence points to an accident, conspiracy theorists spread the baseless claim that it was intentionally caused by a
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FactChecking RFK Jr.’s V.P. Announcement
In announcing his choice for vice president, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, made statements that were false or misleading. The post FactChecking RFK Jr.’s V.P. Announcement appeared fir
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Posts Make Ominous, Unfounded Claims About April 8 Eclipse Preparations
Local governments are preparing residents for an influx of visitors during the April 8 solar eclipse that will be most visible along a narrow path through the U.S., with one Oklahoma county inviting the National Guard for support. But social media po
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Social Media Posts Misinterpret Biden on mRNA Cancer Vaccines
COVID-19 vaccines are not "being used to cure cancer," as social media posts falsely claim, misinterpreting President Joe Biden’s reference to mRNA cancer vaccines during his State of the Union address. Biden was referring to the mRNA technology used
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Post Misrepresents Which Administration Sent Stimulus Checks to Dead People
Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, some stimulus checks were sent to people who had died. The issue was explained in government reports and the media when it happened in 2020. But a social media post has resurrected the issue and falsely claimed that it
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Biden’s Misleading Claim About Latino Unemployment
Under President Joe Biden, the Latino unemployment rate reached a low of 3.9% in September 2022 -- the lowest rate since September 2019. But Biden recently said that the rate under his presidency was the lowest in “a long, long time." The post Biden’
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SciCheck Staffer Talks About Combatting Health Misinformation on Social Media
Kate Yandell, a SciCheck staff writer, appeared on the CBS News affiliate in Philadelphia to discuss the dangers of health misinformation on social media platforms. The post SciCheck Staffer Talks About Combatting Health Misinformation on Social Medi
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Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Comment
While speaking about the potential loss of U.S. auto manufacturing jobs to foreign countries, former President Donald Trump said if he isn't elected, "it’s going to be a bloodbath for the country." The post Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Comment appeared first
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Photo Shows 1924 KKK March in Wisconsin, Not Democratic Convention in NYC
The Ku Klux Klan caused a divisive Democratic National Convention in 1924 but failed to nominate its preferred candidate. A social media post shows a photo of a Klan march to falsely claim it depicts Democratic delegates at the convention in New York
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Transcript of Joe Biden’s Interview with Hur Reveals How the Date of Beau Biden’s Death Came Up
The transcript of President Joe Biden's interview with investigators looking into his handling of classified documents shows that special counsel Robert Hur did not ask him about Beau Biden's death, as the president falsely claimed in February. The p
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Trump’s Comments About ‘Cutting’ Entitlements in Context
President Joe Biden said he has caught former President Donald Trump admitting that he wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. The Trump campaign said, in context, Trump was talking about cutting waste and fraud in those programs – not benefits. T
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