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4 Steps for Managing Income Withdrawals in Retirement
If you’re like most Americans nearing retirement, you’re worried about whether you have enough savings. In fact, only 22% of those approaching retirement believe they’ve saved enough to retire comfortably. At a time when the stock market is down, inf
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As the Market Falls, New Retirees Need a Plan
Anyone newly retired or nearly so must feel like they have the worst timing in the world. A portfolio tends to be largest near retirement, just before those savings are about to be drawn down. These days, however, most portfolios have lost value; the
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What You Need to Know About Life Insurance Settlements
Your life insurance monthly premium can start looking less and less appealing once you’ve retired. It’s a scenario Dan Simon, a retirement planning adviser with Daniel A. White & Associates in Middletown, Del., has seen quite often, even with his own
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This New Sustainable ETF’s Pitch? Give Back Profits.
Feel like society and the environment are beginning to break down? There’s an ETF for that. Newday Impact’s Sustainable Development Goals ETF (SDGS) delivers a growth-oriented product that promotes dual impact, promising to advocate for environmental
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Tax-Savvy Charitable Giving With QCDs Can Benefit Both Giver and Receiver
Plenty of retirees like to give back to their communities through charitable donations, but questions often arise over the best way to do that. What approach is efficient, provides the tax benefits you’re after, and also is advantageous for the chari
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Got Crypto? The IRS Really Wants to Know
The 2022 crypto price crash understandably has some investors concerned. But for those of you who haven’t run for the hills, it’s worth knowing that cryptocurrency currently has the attention of not only the Biden administration, and Congress, but th
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Retirees: Your Next Companion May Be a Robot
Elliq, a foot-hight robot that looks like an oval lampshade on a small base, greets Monica Perez first thing in the morning, asks her how she feels, and reminds her about taking medications and any upcoming appointments.  “I have good-quality friends
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Stock Market Today: Dow Officially Enters a Bear Market After Monday's Slide
Selling in the stock market picked right back up Monday, and despite a brief mid-morning push into positive territory, the major indexes still ended lower.  "Despite a quiet global economic data front, this weekend and Monday morning have been anythi
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I’ve Inherited a Lot of Money. Now What?
It’s no surprise that many people who inherit millions of dollars are uncertain about what to do with their newfound wealth. The possibilities of becoming a multimillionaire overnight can be overwhelming, especially during a period when most are grie
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Cryptocurrency: Stay In? Get Out? How to Decide?
Warren Buffett is famous for saying “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.” If you invested in cybercoins, the news has not been good lately. Are you wearing your bathing suit?  What to do?  Is time to take your profi
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5 Ways Charitable Giving Can Star in Your Financial Strategy
When professional baseball player Austin Barnes extended his contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers for another two years, he specifically included in the agreement a commitment on his part to make charitable donations. That was a generous move and a
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The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards
Whether you travel often or just take the occasional vacation, a travel rewards credit card can be an excellent companion. With every purchase, you can use a good travel card to collect points or miles that are redeemable for flights, hotels or other
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19 Best Stocks to Buy Now for High Upside Potential
If the goal is to find stocks to buy when prices are lower rather than higher, it stands to reason that the time to go looking for the best stocks to buy is right now.  After all, the market is off by more than a fifth so far this year, which means i
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Looking for the Best Rate on a Fixed Annuity? Shopping Around Really Pays Off
If you’re looking for a haven for your money, with a three-year fixed-rate annuity, you can choose one paying 2.00% annually or one paying 4.25%! Other than the rate, the two products are quite similar. If you’re shopping for a five-year guarantee, a
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Stock Market Today: Dow Plummets 486 Points, Nears Bear Market
The stock market took another step lower Friday, as Treasury yields continued to rise to levels not seen in over a decade.  Today's drop brought the Dow below the important 30,000 mark and this close to bear-market territory, which is defined as a 20
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Is Relief from Shipping Woes Finally in Sight?
After two years of shipping delays and rising delivery costs, relief is in sight. By the end of the year, a marked improvement will be seen compared with a year ago.  The numbers of new drivers and trucks have picked up, easing constraints, though ch
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Where the Midterm Election Races Stand Today
With the congressional midterm elections only weeks away, here’s how we think things will shake out. In early spring, Republicans appeared well on their way to steamroll through the midterms and win back control of the House and Senate. Democrats wer
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Social Security Is Pushing You to Work Longer – Can You Still Afford to Retire Early?
Are you thinking of retiring soon?  Perhaps earlier than you had planned years ago?  A potential hurdle could be the incentives set up by the Social Security Administration – they calculate your benefits to reward you for staying in the workforce.  
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Fall as Global Banks Follow in Fed's Footsteps
Wednesday's selling carried into Thursday as investors continued to take a risk-off approach to markets following the Federal Reserve's latest policy announcement. The central bank issued its third jumbo-sized rate increase yesterday and set expectat
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The Power of Debt: It Isn’t All Bad
Most people view debt as something to be avoided at all costs. But that’s because most people don’t use debt properly. A prime example of improper debt use is the credit card. People charge too much, fail to pay the card in full at the end of the mon
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Calling All Teachers: You Can Deduct More for School Supplies for 2022
The school year has begun, and teachers are dealing with the normal pressures of managing students and classrooms. But lately, there is additional stress for educators, ranging from teacher shortages to possible teacher strikes. And to top it off, in
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Go on Wild Ride as Fed Targets More Rate Hikes
Stocks spent most of Wednesday in positive territory, but went on a roller-coaster ride after the Federal Reserve, as expected, issued its third straight 75 basis point rate hike. The Fed's rate hike sparked plenty of chatter among Wall Street's expe
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Fed Rate Hike Meets Expectations, But What Next? Here's What the Experts Say
The Federal Reserve served up a widely expected third consecutive jumbo rate hike when it concluded its regularly scheduled two-day meeting on Wednesday. Chair Jerome Powell and the rest of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised the federal
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Using Your 401(k) to Delay Getting Social Security and Increase Payments
Although you can start collecting Social Security at age 62, you can get much higher monthly payments if you wait as long as age 70. But many people want to or must retire before 70. If you’re one of them, consider a possible strategy, backed by rece
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What Is an APR?
Swiping your credit card is easy. But if you carry a balance, paying it off could be a challenge. Especially if you don't know your credit card's annual percentage rate (APR). And shockingly, a lot of people don't. In a December 2021 Bankrate study,
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How Big Will the Fed Rate Hike Be? Wall Street's Top Minds Weigh In
The Federal Reserve's rate-setting committee kicks off its regularly scheduled two-day meeting on Tuesday, and it's all but certain to deliver yet another jumbo interest rate hike. The great bulk of traders, investors, economists and strategists are
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FedEx (FDX) Earnings Warning: Recession Harbinger or Single-Stock Hiccup?
Investors have plenty of worries – chief among them inflation and a potential recession. But the engine that ultimately drives the stock market is corporate profits. As long as earnings growth stays on track, then corporate America—and by extension,
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Amazon Early Prime Access Sale Is a Prime Day Redux
Amazon Prime Day has already taken place in 2022, in July. But Amazon, which earlier in 2022 raised its subscription rates, could be bucking tradition for the first time: A second two days of Amazon Prime Day-like deals is a strong prospect for Octob
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Slide With Fed on Deck
Anxiety got the better of Wall Street on Tuesday, with the stock market tumbling ahead of tomorrow's policy announcement from the Federal Reserve.  Many of Wall Street's top minds are weighing in on how big the Fed rate hike will be. Among them is Br
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10 High-Paying Dividend Stocks Yielding 5% or More
The dividend yield on the S&P 500 has been hovering near its lowest level in roughly two decades for some time now, and while it's starting to move higher, it's still at a paltry 1.7%. So what are yield-hungry investors left to do? Thankfully, there
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