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The Dazed: Versions of Me, #5
The Dazed: Versions of Me, #5
The Dazed: Versions of Me, #5
Ebook270 pages3 hours

The Dazed: Versions of Me, #5

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About this ebook

No one plans on being widowed at thirty-one years old. Leo Algar certainly didn't. Yet that is where he found himself on a Saturday afternoon in late September.


As the funeral ends and people around him return to their normal lives, Leo finds himself immersed in his grief, unsure of how to function in his old life without her.


And while the months tick by, Leo finds himself spending more time in the past than the present. A past that reminds him of what he had. A past that reinforces the reality of what it is he has lost.

Release dateMar 5, 2022
The Dazed: Versions of Me, #5

Jennifer R. Jensen

Jennifer R. Jensen is a fiction author who dove back into the world of writing in 2019. She had spent a decade away from her passion becoming a wife, mom, and advancing her career. With six independently published books and two novellas under her belt, she is beginning to expand her love and knowledge for writing into the world of traditional publishing. She is looking forward to the next big adventure in her writing career that will expand her knowledge on the publishing process, and take her creative works to the next level.

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