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The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
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The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

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About this ebook

Embark on Your Future in Manufacturing with The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing!

Are you ready to explore a world where manufacturing meets cutting-edge technology? Brace yourself for a journey into the heart of Industry 4.0, where millions of new manufacturing jobs are set to emerge over the next decade in the United States alone!


In an era where manufacturing is making a powerful comeback, The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing is your essential compass through this dynamic and evolving landscape. Forget about your grandparents' factories; this is the era of innovation, automation, and Industry 4.0!


Why Dive into Smart Manufacturing?

Discover why smart manufacturing is a smart career choice and a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold. Today's students can be at the forefront of this revolution as thousands of products, from smart devices to 3D-printed medical implants, are being produced domestically. This book caters to students, teachers, and parents, demystifying the complex and fast-changing world of smart manufacturing and illuminating the possibilities on the horizon.


What Awaits You Inside?

- Unravel the mystery of how manufacturing got its bad reputation and witness its incredible resurgence.

- Grasp the fundamentals of Industry 4.0, the force driving the manufacturing renaissance.

- Dive into the latest innovations in virtual reality, robots, and artificial intelligence that reshape the industry.


Why This Guide?

The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing is your trusted companion, offering a simple and enjoyable exploration of smart manufacturing. Packed with practical tips, engaging exercises, and thought-provoking questions suitable for the classroom, this guide ensures that learning is never dull.


Fun Learning Awaits!

Escape the monotony with examples from your favorite movies, games, and shows. This guide ensures that your journey into smart manufacturing is enlightening and fun!


Seize Your Opportunity!

Don't miss out on the chance to understand the future of manufacturing and carve your path within it. Grab your copy of The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing today, and take the first exciting step towards a rewarding career!


Get Connected with Your Future!

The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing – Your Gateway to the Manufacturing Revolution!

Release dateJan 23, 2021
The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Mike Nager

Mike Nager has an electronics engineering degree and more than twenty years of experience working for leading German and American manufacturers of industrial automation and connection device technologies. He’s consulted with hundreds of manufacturers and utilities to design more efficient, environmentally friendly, responsive plants and factories. He was named a 2020 Top 10 IIoT Influencer by Onalytica and has published dozens of trade publications. Among his many projects, he has installed sensors inside the massive machine tools used in making automotive engines, tested industrial radio technology deep underground in the New York subways, and wore a cleanroom suit to work with clients onsite in both the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Mike was the keynote speaker in 2018 at the Nevada Economic Development Conference and in 2019 at the Réseau Innovation 4.0 Network in Quebec. He has presented at numerous conferences hosted by organizations and conferences,  including the following: IoT Emerge Conference Connecting Electronics Industries Association International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering International Institute of Electrical Engineers Information and Communications Technology Conference Material Handling Industry Association International Society of Automation Association of Career and Technical Education Mike is a volunteer with the IEEE Mini-Engineering Academy that provides high school students opportunities to work with engineers on hands-on projects in many areas. He is an advisory board member to several educational institutions, including the Monmouth County Vocational School District and the Metropolitan Education District. He lives at the Jersey Shore with his fantastic wife, two daughters, and one ugly rescue dog.

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