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Split Personality: Pink
Split Personality: Pink
Split Personality: Pink
Ebook222 pages3 hours

Split Personality: Pink

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About this ebook

An updated edition of the bestselling biography to include details of her sixth studio album The Truth About Love which was a worldwide number one hit and the birth of her first child in 2011. Paul Lester traces the extraordinary career of Alicia Beth Moore from Pennsylvania through her stint in the girl group Choice to her present incarnation as global superstar Pink. Split Personality reveals the two sides of this complex artist: the feisty fun-filled performer who at thirty continues to conquer in a teen-dominated industry and the conflicted woman whose dark urges have fuelled her deceptively upbeat glossy brand of hi-tech pop. This is a pop biography that makes for a truly exciting read that's worthy of it's electrifying subject!
PublisherOmnibus Press
Release dateOct 11, 2013
Split Personality: Pink

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