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Escaped: The Pierced Series, #2
Escaped: The Pierced Series, #2
Escaped: The Pierced Series, #2
Ebook121 pages1 hour

Escaped: The Pierced Series, #2

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About this ebook

Oscar Alvarez de Sevilla was living the American dream. Attending a prestigious law school in New York City and madly in love with the girl downstairs, who he was pretty much going to marry as soon as he graduated. Everything was going as planned and life was good.

Twelve years later he is the centerpiece in a daring plan to help two young girls escape from the ruthless psychopath who has had them locked up for most of their lives. The same man for whom Oscar has been working for several years now.

His actions will guarantee he will be dead in less than a year, regardless of whether or not he and the girls are recaptured.

How did things go so wrong?

PublisherJ. C. Mells
Release dateMay 21, 2013
Escaped: The Pierced Series, #2
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