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Making You My Business (A Lennox in Love, #2)
Making You My Business (A Lennox in Love, #2)
Making You My Business (A Lennox in Love, #2)
Ebook164 pages2 hours

Making You My Business (A Lennox in Love, #2)

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About this ebook

Smoky Mountain Lodge, a hotel owned and operated by Lennox Enterprises, has been underperforming since Joelle Bannon quit two months ago for a position at Island Street Deli. Underpaid and undervalued, she'd rather work someplace with lower expectations than at a hotel where she hasn't had a raise in ten years.

In his new role as district manager at Lennox Enterprises, Giovanni Lennox has the task of rebuilding employee relations with management, starting with Joelle. His goal is to get her to take her job back at Smoky Mountain Lodge, or convince her to help him with tips to get the lodge back in its former profitable state. When she refuses both options, he makes it his business to dig into her life and find out everything he can about her in hopes of persuading Joelle to abide by his wishes. He never thought he'd end up falling in LOVE.

PublisherTina Martin
Release dateMay 5, 2016
Making You My Business (A Lennox in Love, #2)

Tina Martin

TINA MARTIN is the author of over 80 romance, romantic suspense and women’s fiction titles and has been writing full-time since 2013. Readers praise Tina for her strong heroes, sweet heroines and beautifully crafted stories. When she’s not writing, Tina enjoys watching movies, traveling, cooking and spending time with her family. For more information, visit

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