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And Baby Makes None
And Baby Makes None
And Baby Makes None
Ebook246 pages3 hours

And Baby Makes None

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About this ebook

Lawyer Seymour Lipp tries to help a teenage girl who was persuaded by her father to give her baby up for adoption—and now wants to change her decision. Her father, Paul Morrissey, had arranged the adoption through a shady lawyer to a Vietnam vet and his wife. When Morrissey is murdered, Lipp investigates several people who would benefit from his death. [Second Seymour Lipp mystery] Mystery by Stephen Lewis; originally published by Walker Mystery
Release dateJul 1, 1991
And Baby Makes None

Stephen Lewis

Stephen J. Lewis never sailed the darkened seas as a child. He was never handed a suit of plate armor by his parents, or taught esoteric magic by his preacher. These deplorable shortfalls of his upbringing led him to a single conclusion: apart from back alley dentistry, the world is precious short on adventure. So he quit his job and began filling in the blanks. DEAD MEN TELL NO LIES is his first novel and, with occasional breaks for ghost pepper infused Thai food, he resides in the captain's quarters working on its sequel.

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