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Renascence (Death Dealers MC #5): Death Dealers MC, #5
Renascence (Death Dealers MC #5): Death Dealers MC, #5
Renascence (Death Dealers MC #5): Death Dealers MC, #5
Ebook340 pages5 hours

Renascence (Death Dealers MC #5): Death Dealers MC, #5

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About this ebook

I'm going to make all your fantasies come true.

If anyone could fulfill that promise, it's Venom, the hot biker who made it. He's crude, crass, and has a filthy mouth, but I'm drawn to him. After everything I've been through, the arrangement he offers seems to be exactly what I need. What I didn't expect is for him to be the answer to my prayers, healing me in ways I never thought possible. He awakens something in me I thought long dead. Will he ever want more, or am I fooling myself by thinking he could settle for someone like me?

I wanted Emily the moment I saw her.
All I could imagine was what I'd do to her if I got her in my bed. The more I get to know her, the more I see how deep her wounds are. She's fragile. As much as I crave her body, bringing her into my world could break her, and not just emotionally.
I can't let that happen.
I won't.
Men like me don't get a happily ever after. Emily is better off without me, and I pray she doesn't learn that the hard way.

Can be read as a standalone OR in the series order:
Deception (A Novella)
Paradox (A Novella)

Death Dealers MC is a registered trademark.

Release dateOct 30, 2017
Renascence (Death Dealers MC #5): Death Dealers MC, #5

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