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The Formula
The Formula
The Formula
Ebook27 pages22 minutes

The Formula

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About this ebook

The third in the LiBREttO series of short stories by Crystin Morgan.

The fates of two men collide one week in November 1990. Twenty-two-year-old Vic Tomlinson is embarking on his legal career while Colin Campbell is in the dock, standing trial for murdering his wife. Everyone involved in the case is shocked at the defendant's 'not guilty' plea, as the prosecution's case is undeniably water tight. But when Campbell takes the stand, his evidence is the most astonishing the court has ever heard.

Will the jury believe him? Is Campbell a cold-hearted murderer? Or is he simply insane?

Twenty-three years later, Tomlinson discovers another clue.

Release dateFeb 2, 2014
The Formula

Crystin Morgan

Crystin Morgan is a writer and journalist who lives in the wonderful city of Brighton on the south coast of England, with her husband, two dogs and cat. Originally from a beautiful valley in South Wales, Crystin has been a working journalist for many years and has been published in a number of the UK’s most popular national magazines and newspapers.

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