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Moby Dick
Moby Dick
Moby Dick
Audiobook (abridged)3 hours

Moby Dick

Written by Herman Melville

Narrated by George Kennedy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Ishmael, a sailor, recounts the ill-fated voyage of a whaling ship led by the fanatical Captain Ahab in search of the white whale that had crippled him.
Release dateJan 1, 2009

Herman Melville

Herman Melville (1819-1891) was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet who received wide acclaim for his earliest novels, such as Typee and Redburn, but fell into relative obscurity by the end of his life. Today, Melville is hailed as one of the definitive masters of world literature for novels including Moby Dick and Billy Budd, as well as for enduringly popular short stories such as Bartleby, the Scrivener and The Bell-Tower.

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