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What About Marsha?
What About Marsha?
What About Marsha?
Audiobook3 hours

What About Marsha?

Written by Shye Ryder and Baer Charlton

Narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook


As the salt begins to win the battle over pepper, Marsha finds herself, once again, sitting in a hospital with her father. This time is the last.

The walls are the same white, but now they begin to reflect on her life. 

Always the dutiful daughter, and then the supportive wife, she was there. 

Mother, wife, daughter—but now she is facing a crisis of identity. As the daughterhood is closing, the wife was thrown aside long ago, and motherhood…

Marsha examines what is and what could have been…

In life, the road not taken is sometimes just another left turn.

PublisherMordant Media
Release dateApr 10, 2018
What About Marsha?

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