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The Sentinel: Casca, Book 9
The Sentinel: Casca, Book 9
The Sentinel: Casca, Book 9
Audiobook7 hours

The Sentinel: Casca, Book 9

Written by Barry Sadler

Narrated by Gene Engene

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Casca Longinus: Cursed by Christ on Golgotha. He is condemned to outlive the ages, wandering the globe as a constant soldier. He struggles on merely surviving, fighting, waiting for "Him" to return. Centuries later, awakened from frozen slumber by the touch of a beautiful young woman, Casca journeys from the Northern wasteland to the legendary Constantinople, and then on to the war-ravaged shores of North Africa. He must struggle with the agony of his eternal curse--all the while waging war against the razor sharp fanaticism of the bloodthirsty Brotherhood that hunts him.
Release dateDec 15, 2002
The Sentinel: Casca, Book 9

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