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The World of Glimpse
The World of Glimpse
The World of Glimpse
Audiobook1 hour

The World of Glimpse

Written by Ellen Palestrant

Narrated by Ellen Palestrant

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

An Audiobook for All Ages. The World of Glimpse is a make-believe world of contagious rhythms, luminous color and vibrant landscapes. The Glimpsibles of Glimpse live a life of creativity, productivity, collaboration, and joyful exuberance. Contrasting with this world is Sooma Sooma, the junk-dump of the universe and home to the Dreaded Drooma who spend their time plotting just how to drain color, joy and creativity from the World of Glimpse. Will Spunktaneous become the seventh and final Spark of Glimpse and protect their beloved world from the greed and destructivity of the Dreaded Drooma who continually thwart his journey to sparkhood?

An invitation to you to unwind your flow ...

By penetrating a glimpse-

without intention...


step into a world

from a new dimension.

If you...shut your eyes,

you'll hear some cosmic verse...

Songs and sounds of the Universe.

Release dateJul 27, 2021
The World of Glimpse

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