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Peace In: The 5 Laws of Peaceful Living
Peace In: The 5 Laws of Peaceful Living
Peace In: The 5 Laws of Peaceful Living
Audiobook2 hours

Peace In: The 5 Laws of Peaceful Living

Written by Bassem Terkawi

Narrated by Bassem Terkawi

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About this audiobook

"Inner peace is your birthright... you lost it in the journey... do you dare to claim it back...?" 

I am grateful that you choose to read my book, this makes me believe that you are in a journey of claiming back your inner peace right. This book unpacks, in detail, the reason why we are living in a such a chaotic time of our life. It explains the core cause of our inability to be in a state of contentment at all times. Thus, in absence of this inner peace we have been dragged to live a stressful life, filled with low vibration emotions such as fear, anger, judgment, rejection, resentment and much more. 

This book will guide you to find the peace within you, and only then all your wars will end. Simply because when you are happy and enjoying every single moment of your life, nobody can drag you into any war. You can only convince people to go to war if they are unhappy or miserable. Then, you can easily convince them to harm themselves and destroy each other, because they have nothing to lose or live for. When you have nothing to lose, fighting becomes easy.

Imagine how would life be when you have peace within yourself, your family, your colleagues, your neighbors and even with those who you might've considered them enemies one day. It will be like living in haven, you will be able to channel this wasted energy in a way that will raise your potential in every aspect of your life and bring you closer to the best version of yourself.  

In this book, you will learn a very clear formula that involves five stages. You will begin to understand your journey and the core prerequisites to slowly move from a constant state of inner war to a relaxed state of inner peace.

Release dateSep 25, 2020
Peace In: The 5 Laws of Peaceful Living

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