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End of Days: An ARKANE Thriller Book 9
End of Days: An ARKANE Thriller Book 9
End of Days: An ARKANE Thriller Book 9
Audiobook6 hours

End of Days: An ARKANE Thriller Book 9

Written by J.F.Penn

Narrated by Veronica Giguere

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

A buried sarcophagus locked by seven seals. A prophecy that heralds the End of Days ...

A marble tablet found in the ruins of Babylon warns of the resurrection of a banished serpent in the final days. A sarcophagus is discovered in the deepest ocean, locked by seven seals scattered throughout the ancient world.

As the Brotherhood of the Serpent race to find the seals before a rare lunar eclipse over the heart of Jerusalem, ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber battle to find them first.

But this time, evil threatens to destroy all that Morgan loves and she must wrestle an apocalyptic foe as well as fighting to conquer her own fears.

In a fast-paced adventure from the ruins of Iraq to the snake-handling churches of the Appalachian Mountains, from archaeological digs in Israel to the tombs of Egypt, Morgan and Jake must find the seven seals and stop the resurrection of an evil as old as mankind.

An evil that will usher in the End of Days.

End of Days is Book 9 in the ARKANE action adventure thriller series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.

PublisherCurl Up Press
Release dateApr 7, 2017
End of Days: An ARKANE Thriller Book 9


Oxford educated, British born J.F.Penn has traveled the world in her study of religion and psychology. She brings these obsessions as well as a love for thrillers and an interest in the supernatural to her writing. Her fast-paced thrillers weave together historical artifacts, secret societies, global locations, violence, a kick-ass protagonist and a hint of the supernatural. - See more at:

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