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Against the Tide of Years
Against the Tide of Years
Against the Tide of Years
Audiobook21 hours

Against the Tide of Years

Written by S. M. Stirling

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

In the years since the Event, the Republic of Nantucket has done its best to re-create the better ideas of the modern age. But the evils of its time resurface in the person of William Walker, renegade Coast Guard officer, who is busy building an empire for himself based on conquest by technology. When Walker reaches Greece and recruits several of their greater kinglets to his cause, the people of Nantucket have no choice. If they are to save the primitive world from being plunged into bloodshed on a twentieth-century scale, they must defeat Walker at his own game: war.
Release dateDec 1, 2008
Against the Tide of Years

S. M. Stirling

A well-regarded author of alternate history science-fiction novels, S.M. Stirling has written more than twenty-five books, including acclaimed collaborations with Anne McCaffrey, Jerry Pournelle, and David Drake. His most recent novels are T2: Infiltrator, The Peshawar Lancers, and the Island in the Sea of Time trilogy.

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