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Nita Singh Kaushal’s Career Growth Bundle
Nita Singh Kaushal’s Career Growth Bundle
Nita Singh Kaushal’s Career Growth Bundle
Audiobook2 hours

Nita Singh Kaushal’s Career Growth Bundle

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About this audiobook

From Scribd Coach and Miss CEO founder and coach Nita Singh Kaushal comes this career growth bundle! Complete with brief audio courses on the subjects of negotiation, networking, communicating your value, and time management, Kaushal’s courses provide professional women or others marginalized in the workplace with all they need to step up their career game and succeed in a difficult professional environment. Each course is complete with exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned right away.

PublisherScribd Coach
Release dateOct 18, 2022
Nita Singh Kaushal’s Career Growth Bundle

Nita Singh Kaushal

Nita Singh Kaushal is the Founder of Miss CEO, a company that empowers students and women with world-class leadership training, mentorship, and career exploration opportunities. Since its founding in 2011, Miss CEO has trained over a 100,000 children, young women, and professionals all over the world. Nita is currently a Lecturer in the School of Engineering at Stanford University and an Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies where she teaches undergraduate and graduate students as well as professional women how to develop leadership skills so they can make meaningful contributions in their careers. Nita also proudly serves on the Girls at the Tech Leadership Council. To learn more about Nita and her work, visit

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