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Trusting Drew: A Cowboy Romance
Trusting Drew: A Cowboy Romance
Trusting Drew: A Cowboy Romance
Audiobook7 hours

Trusting Drew: A Cowboy Romance

Written by Shirley Penick

Narrated by Douglas G. Thornton

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A death-bed promise turns lethal.

Lily Smith is kidnapped and held captive to prevent her from participating in a beauty pageant her best friend begged her to enter. But she is no passive little miss to let someone else determine her future. Unfortunately, during her flight to freedom, she hits her head on a rock and can't remember her own name, let alone why she is running through the Colorado mountains barefoot with no coat.

Drew Kipling rides to the rescue of the pretty woman who needs to get warm and have her injuries taken care of. When she can't remember her name, he vows to protect her, until she knows who she can trust.

What will they find at the pageant? More trouble or the love of a lifetime? Maybe both.

Join Lily and the Kipling family as they take New York City by storm and show them the cowboy way is the only way to catch a scoundrel.

Release dateJun 1, 2021
Trusting Drew: A Cowboy Romance

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