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Dip Corporation
Buoyed with confidence by the return of inflation, record wage growth, and low interest rates, foreign investors have made one thing clear: Japan is Asia’s most liquid “not China” buy. Their outlook is boosted by several key factors, including shareh
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Can You Sell Your Side Hustle?
Stefan Gehrig’s side hustle was doing well—and that became a dilemma. The Melbourne, Australia-based entrepreneur had started a gym bag brand called Knkg, also known as King Kong Apparel, in 2011. It began as a side hustle that scratched an entrepren
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What’s the Real Damage?
Miri Offir knows how to talk to people in crisis. After serving in the Israeli military, she came to the U.S. in 2003 and took a secretary job at the post-disaster recovery franchise 911 Restoration. She worked her way up—eventually becoming the comp
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Nippon Life Insurance Company
Amidst the global drive to decarbonise, Japanese businesses are paving the way with world-class environmental research, market-leading sustainable technologies, and tactical ESG investing. According to Nikkei Asia, Japanese companies’ environmental s
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Make Your Work Life Easier
Tired of doing video selfie-style? The Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit [$180; belkin.com] acts as your personal cameraman. On video calls with Zoom, TikTok, FaceTime, and others, the dock holds an iPhone magnetically while charging it, wh
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#1 In Category
→ Another elite status from our Franchise 500. → These brands have topped their categories for 10+ years. → You’ll find many Hall of Famers and 10+ Clubbers here. Dunkin’ Ranked No. 1 in category 38 years The UPS Store Ranked No. 1 in category 34 yea
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Yokogawa Rental & Lease
As Japanese businesses look to drive new growth amidst the country’s declining workforce, demand for technologies like artificial intelligence is soaring. Since the government’s launch of the Regulatory Sandbox in 2018 – which allows businesses to de
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A Quick Look at the Fast-Growing Brands
Stratus Building Solutions, which made No. 1 on our list, added more than twice as many franchise units as the No. 2 company on the list! Three of the fastest-growing franchises on our list just started franchising in 2022! They are: Super Soccer Sta
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Weathernews Inc.
“Asia will be the furnace in which a new era is forged,” according to global consultancy McKinsey – and Japan, as the continent’s second-biggest economy, will play a central role in this. The key engine of growth is likely to be services, which accou
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Super Hotel
With external demand strengthening and inbound tourism recovering to pre-pandemic levels, Japan’s government has raised its economic growth projections for FY24 to 1.6% in its latest twice-yearly economic outlook report. In nominal GDP terms, the gov
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3 Ways to Build Real Businesses on the Side
If you have marketable skills, but you aren’t sure how to spin them into a business, try teaming up with someone from an entirely different industry. Together, you could pinpoint opportunities for innovation. That’s what Gene Caballero did. Back in 2
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The 10+ Club
→ Here’s another elite group of franchises! → These brands have hit the Franchise 500 for 10 or more years. → Once they hit 25, they graduate to the Hall of Fame. → We list them here, ranked by years on the list. Anago Cleaning Systems Ranked 24 year
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The Fastest-Growing Franchises
If you’re looking for a franchise brand to buy, you’re surely asking yourself this question: Which brands are worth my time and money? There are many ways to answer that, but here’s a useful starting point: Look at the brands with major traction. Tha
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KSL Group
Ranked the third most competitive ASEAN country in the IMD’s latest World Competitiveness report and located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand offers foreign businesses a wealth of world-class investment opportunities. According to the Office
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Daiso Industries Co., Ltd.
According to the latest Global Innovation Index (GII), Japan is the 13th most innovative country in the world and the fourth most in its region. Dubbed a ‘world innovation leader’ in the 2023 GII, Japan ranks as part of a select few high-income count
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With its world-famous tourism industry, robust manufacturing, and flourishing financial services sector, as well as an agriculture base that ranks in the world’s top-15 exporters, Thailand boasts an enviably diverse economy. It is also a dynamic one
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Curves Japan
Japanese companies are geared up for more transformative mergers and acquisitions, global consultancy Bain wrote in its 2023 M&A report. It noted that financial investors are well-positioned to buy, while Japan’s private equity market remains hot; fu
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Japan’s net worth has reached an astonishing JPY 3.999 quadrillion, according to official data released in January, marking the highest tally since 1994 and the seventh straight year of growth. With inflation also at a four-decade high, Japan’s econo
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What Should Your Brand Look Like?
“The food delivery space is extremely crowded, and our competitors have raised over $20 million each, while we’ve never raised a Series A. So we couldn’t rely on huge media budgets or celebrity endorsements. Instead, we focused on the aesthetics of o
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Why Small Businesses Can't Afford To Grow
IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A CELEBRATORY LUNCH—THE KIND WHERE YOU ORDER FRENCH FRIES AND CHEESECAKE, THEN GO HOME TO NAP AND DON’T EVEN FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. Instead, Stacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson were sitting in an Atlanta restaurant, dazed with disappointme
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Making the Midlife Leap
Sometimes, building the life you want requires a big risk. That’s what Keri Gardner realized when she cashed in $100,000 of her retirement savings to buy a franchise. It was November 2020, and she had just been laid off from her executive role at a h
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Takasago Thermal Engineering
“Japan is at a turning point”, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, a grouping of affluent countries, noted in a January 2024 survey of the country’s economy. The OECD noted that the Asian giant is on track to meet its 2% inflat
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You’re Never Out of Options
YOU’VE HIT a wall. Maybe it’s an idea that won’t work. A pursuit you were rejected from. An effort that failed. Now you feel stuck and frustrated. I’ve felt it too—but I learned four simple words that help me move past it. I think they can help you t
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THE Franchise 500® HALL OF FAME
This year, we at Entrepreneur published the 45th annual edition of our Franchise 500 ranking. As we celebrate that milestone, we also want to recognize the franchise brands that have been on this Franchise 500 journey right alongside us for the longe
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‘I Won’t Make That Mistake Again!’
When Shizu Okusa decided to start a new business, she knew where to find the best guidance. “I wanted to reverse engineer everything I did wrong in my last company,” she says. Raised on a farm in Vancouver by Japanese immigrants, she’d founded a cold
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Inaba Foods
After years of deflation, Japan is experiencing its fastest price growth in over three decades and has “convincing emerged from three decades of stagnation,” according to Morgan Stanley. On the level of businesses and people, expenditure and consumpt
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Nippon Rent-A-Car
Japan’s economy will pick up pace in 2024, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit – echoing widespread optimism about the world’s third-largest economy. Tourism is one of many sectors rebounding after the covid-19 pandemic, with inbound visitor
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How to Build a Side Hustle That Works For You
If you’ve been hearing a lot about side hustles lately, you’re not alone. The term has slipped into our common consciousness in recent years—so much so that Merriam-Webster added it to its dictionary in 2022. “Side-hustle is a word on the move,” the
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Japan can expect steady growth ahead, while the central bank will move towards normalising interest rates in 2024-25, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Asian giant produced 534,900 tonnes of secondary aluminium in the first nine month
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