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Crow: The Fulcrum (Crow Series, Book 4)
Crow: The Fulcrum (Crow Series, Book 4)
Crow: The Fulcrum (Crow Series, Book 4)
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Crow: The Fulcrum (Crow Series, Book 4)

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About this ebook

He entered hell to save the love of his life. He endured the hatred of a thousand worlds to prove her innocence. But could he save her from an evil goddess intent on rewriting reality?

Little had changed in the months that Steven Crow and his wife were ensconced in the hellish Maelstrom. The alien society that spanned thousands of worlds still saw him as a monster, and her as the foolish one who bonded with a monster. But one major fact has recently come to light. Without the two of them, the ancient alien society would never have existed.

Steven returns in the middle of a simmering war between the alien society that barely tolerated him, and an evil goddess that was utterly infatuated with him. His return becomes the spark that lights the fires of open conflict, with Earth stuck in the middle.

With the explosion of war coming from every direction, Steven Crow struggles to keep those he loves safe, and races against time to solve the problem the evil goddess has become, even entering her lair to face her head on.

Yet how can one defeat a timeless entity who predates the universe, one who knows what his true, devastating nature is, one who knows how precariously reality is teetering on the edge of oblivion?

Release dateMay 16, 2023
Crow: The Fulcrum (Crow Series, Book 4)
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Michael J. Vanecek

Michael J. Vanecek grew up in a household of avid readers. He would often find himself lost in his growing library, and when not reading, he would frequently draw what he saw in his head from what he read.To compliment his reading obsession, he has an avid imagination and sometimes distracting tendency to daydream, much to the consternation of his teachers and parents.His childhood circle of friends mirrored his tendencies and provided a developmental springboard for his creative tendencies, including art, videography and creating sophisticated realities and stories.He is an avid student of life and is enthusiastically enthralled by all things from science to art. This is reflected in the stories that he writes.

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