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Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1)
Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1)
Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1)
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Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1)

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About this ebook

“The Matrix meets Avatar with a bit of Jason Bourne for flavor.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

He is desperate to find his missing parents. Instead, he finds his life in peril and his grip on reality hanging by a thread.

Young Steven Crow is tormented by nightmares about his parents abandoning him and monsters he is completely helpless against. Drowning in these nightmares amplifies his irresistible obsession to locate and rescue his parents.

His digital search takes place in secret. With the comforting companionship of an imaginary muse, he hacks into secure servers of the most formidable organizations in the world. One day, he uncovers shocking evidence that changes everything for him.

But his search has not gone without notice. Now he is on the run while facing a new brutal reality, hunted both by relentless real-life adversaries and the terrifying monsters from his dreams.

He struggles against impossible odds, and his imaginary Elf girlfriend refuses to fade away in the face of stark reality. But when he is chased by a horde of psychotic secret agents and fantastical creatures, and is shadowed by an Elf girl he dreamed up years ago, reality may be more elusive than he realizes.

“Many times, I found myself on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next twist or turn in the plot.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Release dateJun 5, 2014
Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1)
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Michael J. Vanecek

Michael J. Vanecek grew up in a household of avid readers. He would often find himself lost in his growing library, and when not reading, he would frequently draw what he saw in his head from what he read.To compliment his reading obsession, he has an avid imagination and sometimes distracting tendency to daydream, much to the consternation of his teachers and parents.His childhood circle of friends mirrored his tendencies and provided a developmental springboard for his creative tendencies, including art, videography and creating sophisticated realities and stories.He is an avid student of life and is enthusiastically enthralled by all things from science to art. This is reflected in the stories that he writes.

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