Crow: The Deviant (Crow Series, Book 2)
Crow: The Deviant (Crow Series, Book 2)
Crow: The Deviant (Crow Series, Book 2)
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Crow: The Deviant (Crow Series, Book 2)

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The monster within him is waking quickly, threatening to overtake him. And the monster only knows destruction. Global destruction.

Steven Crow's safe reality has been obliterated. He is surrounded by fantasy creatures from other worlds. Secret agents are lusting after his capabilities. And he is supposed to be some sort of demon everyone is terrified of. His bucolic childhood has come to an abrupt end.

Despite the abundance of radical changes, it is what is happening within that is giving him pause. A growing darkness that is extending its tendrils into every part of his being. A death of himself giving birth to something dark and catastrophic.

Once again, Steven Crow finds himself on the run. Not from psychotic secret agents who persist in tormenting him. Nor from the fantasy creatures who are again trying to terminate him. Not even from a twisted goddess who seems completely infatuated with him. Time is running out for everyone. And he is the threat.

How does one outrun an enemy who resides within?

Release dateOct 6, 2022
Crow: The Deviant (Crow Series, Book 2)
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Michael J. Vanecek

Michael J. Vanecek grew up in a household of avid readers. He would often find himself lost in his growing library, and when not reading, he would frequently draw what he saw in his head from what he read.To compliment his reading obsession, he has an avid imagination and sometimes distracting tendency to daydream, much to the consternation of his teachers and parents.His childhood circle of friends mirrored his tendencies and provided a developmental springboard for his creative tendencies, including art, videography and creating sophisticated realities and stories.He is an avid student of life and is enthusiastically enthralled by all things from science to art. This is reflected in the stories that he writes.

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