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Savage Headhunters: Tales to Make You Vomit, #3
Savage Headhunters: Tales to Make You Vomit, #3
Savage Headhunters: Tales to Make You Vomit, #3
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Savage Headhunters: Tales to Make You Vomit, #3

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About this ebook

Chased by cannibals through an Amazonian jungle, an archeologist takes refuge within an old pyramid, only to confront an evil worse than the man-eaters without. 

You see, inside the pyramid is a little old lady who collects books. But hers are not standard editions. Each putrid publication in her sickening study is so disgusting that nobody can flip through one without doing a rainbow cough.  

The librarian makes a deal with the archeologist: if he can read just one retched record from her bibliotheca of bile, she will help him escape the cannibals. But if he tosses his breakfast, he will become their lunch!

The horrible hardcover he must read is a gory history of American servicemen on Guadalcanal in World War II, who collect the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers. This abominable account is a narrative so nasty that there's no way he'll be able to cram it all in without regurgitating everything he's learned. 

Can you read this book without throwing up? Do you take the challenge?  

Release dateFeb 2, 2023
Savage Headhunters: Tales to Make You Vomit, #3

J. Manfred Weichsel

J. Manfred Weichsel writes extravaganzas that fuse adventure, horror, science fiction, and fantasy into some of the most original subversive literature being published today.  Weichsel’s shorter works appear regularly in Cirsova Magazine and anthologies from Cirsova Publishing.  His longer self-published works have gained him a broad and dedicated base of rabid fans comprising folks from every segment of society – readers of all stripes who share a dark sense of humor and a desire to see modern culture burlesqued, and age-old human stupidity mocked.  A fiercely independent author, J. Manfred Weichsel aims to give birth to the classics of the future by writing works ungoverned by the constraints of traditional publishing houses and the inhibitions of contemporary society.   Loved by some and hated by others, Weichsel’s funny, unconventional, often grotesque books inhabit a unique space in American literature and will be read, talked about, and debated for generations to come. 

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