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Gentleman's Portion: The Cookbook
Gentleman's Portion: The Cookbook
Gentleman's Portion: The Cookbook
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Gentleman's Portion: The Cookbook

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About this ebook

Gentleman’s Portion: The Cookbook contains a full basket of recipes for delicious and mostly vegetarian comfort food, collected into the four seasons so we can more easily follow the farmers’ crop cycle and support locally grown food: A Spring Portion—when the earth awakes from its long winter sleep and we relish really fresh produce again; A Summer Portion—when market gardens and farmers’ fields overflow with bounty that sings of sunshine; An Autumn Portion—when roots and fruits dominate and farmers put their crops aside in cool dark places; and A Winter’s Portion—when we rely on food that stores well through the cold months while flavour intensifies.
Release dateSep 23, 2020
Gentleman's Portion: The Cookbook

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