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Beginning Ancient Greek: A Visual Workbook
Beginning Ancient Greek: A Visual Workbook
Beginning Ancient Greek: A Visual Workbook
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Beginning Ancient Greek: A Visual Workbook

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About this ebook

This highly visual and full-colour workbook takes you, step by step, through the process of learning the Greek alphabet. It uses several strategies to help learners achieve mastery quickly and thoroughly. These strategies include:

  • grouping
  • visual mnemonics
  • test questions to help you practice
  • vocabulary lists for reading practice.

These vocabulary lists appear for each group of letters, so you can practice on words that only use the letters you have learned. To make them easier to read (and also, beneficially, remember), the words are mostly related to English words. Thus you can not only practice your letters, but also pick up some 800 words as well. Where the meaning of the words is less obvious, mnemonic keywords are provided.

The workbook includes:

  • instruction on learning the individual letters
  • visual and story mnemonics for learning the order of the alphabet
  • targeted vocabulary lists
  • full glossary with word meanings and mnemonics where appropriate
  • a special section of words that provide roots used in English medical and scientific vocabulary.
PublisherWayz Press
Release dateMar 2, 2020
Beginning Ancient Greek: A Visual Workbook

Fiona McPherson

Fiona McPherson has a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Otago (New Zealand). Her first book, The Memory Key, published in 1999, was written in response to what she saw as a lack of practical advice on how to improve memory and learning skills that was based on the latest cognitive research. Since that time, she has continued to provide such advice, through an extensive website (, and several books focused on specific memory and learning skills.

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